Waterfalls in Utah
4/18/2015 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Waterfalls in Utah

Every spring, starting in late March, depending on the snow levels, I am eager to start exploring the many waterfalls in Utah.  

Since Utah is the 2nd driest state in the country, those of us who make Utah our home understand how beautiful and rare our waterfalls can be. 

Waterfalls in Utah may not always be as tall, wide or spectacular as waterfalls in Hawaii, for example, but they are exciting none the less! 

Those who hike with me in the spring will visit many different types of waterfalls.

They each have their own personality.

Waterfalls can be very romantic so hiking to a waterfall can be a fun creative date.

It's fun to discover the many waterfalls in Utah, so here is your bucket list!

Safety Tips:

  • Never climb on waterfalls
  • Accidents can happen easily around waterfalls so be alert and use common sense.
  • Especially be careful if children are with you and explain some basic rules to them before you go.
  • Use extra caution when other people are at the falls. 
  • Don't scramble up to the top of a waterfall.  I've seen people knock down rocks from above and injure people below. 
  • Unfortunately people have loosened rocks up above which can be deadly.
  • Most waterfalls are associated with spring run offs in canyon creeks which can be very deadly. 
  • Keep your distance from canyon creeks.
  • MORE SAFETY TIPS when hiking. This list was created in another state but all safety tips are applicable to Utah Hiking!

Waterfalls in Utah

Utah Falls


Live and Thrive Blogspot Waterfalls

Waterfalls in Northern Utah

Richards Hollow - Logan Peak

Ogden Canyon - Ogden

Waterfall Canyon - Ogden

Adams Canyon - Lower waterfall - Kaysville

Adams Canyon Cascades - Kaysville

Adams Canyon - Upper Waterfall - Kaysville

Farmington Canyon - Upper Waterfall - Peterson

Farmington Canyon - Lower Waterfall - Peterson

Halfway Creek - Peterson

SLC area Waterfalls

Church Fork Upper Waterfall - Millcreek - Within 1/4 mile of the canyon road - easy to get to

Church Fork roadside Waterfall - Millcreek

Heughs Canyon

Lake Blanche Outlet - BCC - waterfall near the trailhead

Hidden Falls - BCC

Mineral Fork Cascade - BCC

Laurel Pines Spring - 

Silver Fork - BCC

Thunder Mountain - LCC

Coalpit Gulch  LCC

Lisa Falls  LCC

Hogum Fork  LCC

Maybird Gulch  LCC

Red Pine fork  LCC

Tanner Flat Campground - 2 Waterfalls -  LCC  #36, #37, #14

White Pine/Red Pine Fork  LCC - Falls within 1 mile of the trailhead at the parking lot - Easy

Peruvian Gulch  LCC

Gad Valley Trail  LCC

Alta Basin Meadows Trail, LCC

Bells Canyon lower falls

Rocky Mouth

Donut Falls - BCC

Stairs Gulch - BCC

Waterfalls of Northeast Utah

Ely Creek - Jones Hole

Burnt Springs Jones Hole

Jones Creek  Jones Hole

Big Spring - Sheep Creek - Jessen Butte

Smooth Rock Falls - Iron Mine Mountain

Slate Gorge Lower, Middle, Upper Waterfalls - Mirror Lake plus Slate Gorge Side Canyon Waterfall

Provo River Falls - Lower, Middle, Upper

Ostler Creek Cascades

Duchesne Falls or Cataract Gorge

Spencer Falls

Ashley Falls - Daggett County - Flaming Gorge

Waterfalls of the Mt. Timpanogos Area

Dry Creek Canyon - Alpine

Battle Creek Canyon 1st, 2nd, 3rd Waterfalls

Timpooneke Trail -  4 waterfalls including Scout Falls

Aspen Grove Trail - 3, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Waterfalls

Stewart Falls / Sundance Loop

Cascade Springs - Look for 3

Pine Hollow - American Fork Canyon

Alpine Scenic Loop - 1st & 2nd Waterfalls 

Bridal Veil Falls - lower and upper

Waterfalls of Central Utah

Fifth Water - Lower & Middle

Ford Creek - Kyune

Chicken Creek - Lavan

Milky Falls - Black Mountain

Bullion Falls - Marysvale area, Mt. Brigham

Cascade Falls - Marysvale, Mt. Brigham

Chandler Falls - Carbon County

Waterfalls of Southwest Utah

Cascade Falls - Navajo Lake

The Falls - Bald Knoll

Quail Creek - First & Second Waterfall, Harrisburg Junction

Red Reef Trail - Leeds, Utah

Waterfalls of Zion National Park

Camp Creek - Kanarraville

Taylor Creek Middle Fork - Kolob Arch

Emerald Pools - Lower, Middle, Upper - Loop Trail including Kayenta Trail

Temple of Sinawava trail walk - especially during spring runoff

Menu Falls

Near Court of the Patriarchs - at the beginning of Sand Bench Trail before crossing the Virgin River bridge

Waterfalls of South Central Utah

Sulphur Creek - 4 waterfalls 

Fremont River - Fruita

Singletree Falls - Grover

Sand Creek Falls - North of Torrey

Blue Spring Creek 

Mossy Cave Falls - near Bryce

Pine Creek

Upper Calf Creek Falls

Lower Calf Creek Falls

Water Canyon - Bryce Canyon, Tropic Canyon

Water Canyon

Waterfalls of South East Utah

Professor Creek - Fisher Towers

Brumley Creek Arch

Oowah Lake Road

Mill Creek 1st and 2nd Waterfalls - Rill Creek, Moab

Kens Lake waterfall - Faux Falls

Kens Lake - Kane Springs

Owl Creek - Snow Flat Spring Cave

Owl & Fish Canyons