Winter/Spring Hiking: What to Bring
3/10/2017 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Winter/Spring Hiking: What to Bring

What to bring - MY Favorite things...

These are not all required, just some of my favorites.  You may acquire several items without spending much money. Keep it simple and plan ahead. I can also help you prepare when we meet in person.

You don't need all of the following items for every hike, so no worries. 

My goal is to help you 1) stay warm, dry and comfortable outdoors all winter long, regardless of the weather 2) get better acquainted with types of fabrics that are best to wear during the cold, wet months.

Money saving tip:  Once you get familiar with my favorite items, watch for these at outlets, closeouts, thrift stores, online garage sales/yard sales, etc. 

• Neck Gaiter - My favorite: Smart Wool gaiter

• Lotion - Utah is dry and my skin easily dries out!  My favorite: Cetaphil Lotion

• Top Thin Base Layer - My favorite: Helly Hansen Base Layer, any thin top with merino wool will be great!  Look for merino wool even at Thrift Stores for very little money.

• Balaclava (Face Mask) - My favorite: For excellent face protection.

• Warm Gloves/Mittens - My favorite: Swany, Toaster, combination glove/mitten and super warm and comfortable the ENTIRE time I am hiking, skiing, sledding, etc. 

• Hand/Toe/Body Warmers - My favorite: Wonder Warmers 

• Snowshoes* - Need a pair? I rent these - see below. My favorite: MSR Snowshoes

• Down Jacket for Skiing/Hiking - My favorite: Columbia Jacket

• Sunglasses - Definitely needed on sunny days

• Backpack - I carry a little bigger backpack to put snowshoes or my Zipfy Sled in

• Camera - 

• Water Bottle - Bring & drink water! To stay warm, drink hot water. My favorite: Hydro Flask or Mira Insulated Bottle

• Cell phone - Keep my contact info: Sheryl 801-278-5313, however cell phone coverage is not always available.

• Poles - Favorite place to buy poles: The Gear Room. I use the same $15 pair of poles for downhill skiing, year round hiking and snowshoeing

• Small Duffle Bag - Get in the habit of finding and storing an assortment of valuable winter clothing/gear in this duffle bag. 

• Hiking Shoes - My favorite: Keen for year round hiking.

• Traction while walking on ice/snow: My favorite: Kahtoola Micro Spikes*

• Socks - My favorite: Smart Wool, knee length

• Gators - For extra warmth and to keep snow out of your shoes or pants. Optional.

• Thermal Underwear - My favorite: Under Armour Base

• Hard Candy, Granola Bar, Fruit, etc. - Favorite Hard Candy: Werther's Original

• Shovel - My favorite: Voile Telepro Shovel

• Pants, Waterproof: My favorite:  Marmot Precip Pants

• Kleenex Tissues - For a nose that may not stop running!

• Lantern - My favorite: Inflatable Solar Chargeable Lantern 

• Soothing aches, pains and relaxing muscles AFTER a hike - My TWO favorites: Wonder Warmers AND hot bath with 2 cups of Epson Salt 

• Sledding - Favorite Sled:  Zipfy