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About my Outdoor Adventure Group....
6/6/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: About my Outdoor Adventure Group....

Just so you know....

We never cancel any of hikes unless there is a major earthquake which hasn't happened yet.  We do however, ask for a RSVP on Tuesday and Thursday hikes since our numbers are fewer. 

There are a few ways people hear about our outings:  Meetup.com, Granite Peaks Comm. Ed., SL School Comm. Ed are just a few of the ways people hear about my outings.  Some people get confused when they find us on Meetup.com, for example. 

On that site it says I currently have 902 members but in reality I actually have over 2000 members but only 900 of those have found us thru meetup.com.  

My Outdoor Adventure Group on Meetup.com says I started this group in April 2, 2010 - approx. 2 years ago, but in reality I started in Feb. 20, 2003.