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Avalanche Safety: Take the time to learn more...
11/27/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Avalanche Safety: Take the time to learn more...


Anyone who spends any time in the Wasatch Mountains during the winter months should become familiar with the good, bad and ugly side of snow!  I mostly talk about how beautiful and magical it is.  You'll see plenty of photos I've taken of a spectacular winter wonderland, however, I pay close attention to and study up on Avalanche Danger, watching the daily activity of what's happening up in our mountains.

I am very grateful for the Utah Avalanche Center and how hard they work to educate and keep everyone of us safe while we are playing in the snow all winter long.

Check out the videos they have produced and subscribe to their daily newsletter to see what's happening often.

We support and raise money for the Utah Avalanche Center since they work very hard for very little money.  They always need more money so donate to their cause if you can.  

It's helps us all enjoy our winter playground whether we are snowshoeing, zipfy riding, skiing or snowmobiling!