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Come, play with us this winter! Outdoor Adventure & Community Garden Calendar
12/6/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Come, play with us this winter! Outdoor Adventure & Community Garden Calendar

#1 way to reduce stress and feel happy during the winter months:  

Get outside, away from the city, enjoy nature with good people!

That's my Christmas gift to you!

I'll provide plenty of outings that are perfect for all abilities.

99 Reasons WHY you should snowshoe!

Not feeling confident about joining us during the winter?

No worries!  Email me anytime OR talk to me in person about your concerns during several CALENDAR EVENTS when I'll have more time to visit with you i.e. Snowshoe Orientation, $20 Clothing Sales, or "Work for Food" Winter Garden Tour and Parties.

2013 Outdoor Adventure and Winter Community Garden Calendar

I'm working hard on posting many outings on my website for 2013.  Check the calendar often!

I hope you'll join us!

Those who have been coming are having a great time!

3rd Annual Bryce Canyon National Park Winter Hiking Trip -  

It's shaping up to be another great trip and we have had some AMAZING trips during the past 12 months!  We will have around 40 people on this trip.  That means plenty of smaller groups with similar abilities so everyone will have fun.  Register now IF you want to get all the details that I'll be sending out during the next few weeks. 

Snowshoe Outings (Tuesday and Thursday mornings)

Rain, snow, shine, etc. we are out there!  I always tweak the outing to fit the weather and road conditions but I don't ever cancel, so come!!  It may be a shorter outing and we may not go into the canyons if it's raining/snowing but it's always fun!!  I have special local trails that I use on days that have inclement weather. It always feels so good to get outside, even for an hour regardless of the weather!

Multi Sport Outings - Downhill Ski, Cross Country Ski, Snowshoe or Hike

Monday through Friday in the afternoon.  Check details since this has become one of our favorite things to do during the week!  It's a rare occasion that you can find a place to do so many winter sports all in the same area!  The minimal cost will be for those who downhill ski.  It's a great price for skiers who want to ski often and for a shorter amount of time.  Snowshoers and skiers ride up together, then meet back in the parking lot 90 minutes later.

"Work for Food" Winter Garden Tour and Parties

With nearly 3 acres of garden space all around the SL valley and year round gardening, I can help you save serious money on food. By working a minimum of one hour per month, you'll receive amazing benefits!  Cost: $100/household for the next 12 months! Plan on receiving plenty of locally grown food! Gardening is very therapeutic and a valuable skill to have considering our economic climate.  We require no prior knowledge or experience.  What is required is a positive attitude and willingness to work a minimum of one hour per month. Help me spread the word by telling family, friends and coworkers since we are in need of more members for our 6th Annual Working Community Garden Group!  Makes a perfect Christmas gift.

$20 Winter Clothing Sale - Outer Wear, Gently Used, Quality, Brand Names, Men, Women, Children Sizes

During the month of December there are 4 times a week you can come and check out all the clothing items for sale!

Zipfys For Sale!

Cost:  $40 each, in stock.  Super fun and SAFE for nearly all ages.  I love the Zipfy because I think it's the safest, most fun sledding device on the market!Check out my super fun Zipfy Ride down a mountain!  Watch for Zipfy Riding Outings soon!

High Tech MSR Snowshoes & Poles for rent: 

Cost:  $10/person per outing. I have invested in 18 pair for members of our group. Available only for those attending our outings.  RSVP for a Snowshoe Outing and book a pair.

Snowshoe Outings (Saturday mornings)  

We never cancel due to any type of weather so come!  If necessary learn tips on how to dress for any type of weather condition. Rainy or snowy days are excellent opportunities to test your clothing.  If you like, I can teach you how to stay comfortable, warm and dry for any type of weather.  Depending on the weather conditions, we may or may not go into the canyons.  Safety is always my #1 priority. The outing may be shorter as well on wild weather days.

Snowshoe Orientation (Saturday mornings)

Every Saturday at 8 am at our regular meeting place I offer a 30 minute Snowshoe Orientation to help those who may be new to snowshoeing or joining our group for the first time.  I want you to have a great time, the first time out with us!  It may be a bit intimidating so come early and talk to me in person about any concerns you have. Meet my assistants and others who will help you during the outing, if you need assistance.  You can attend the orientation only. Come and get acclimated to the group!

Before attending, check out these links: 

Photos and Info about Snowshoeing

Upcoming Events to be posted soon:

9th Annual Downtown SL Christmas Night Walk -

Hopefully, if the weather looks dry, I'll post for either Wednesday or Thursday, Dec. 12 or 13.  I plan to post 2 of these outings.  The second one will be posted for the following week, on a different weekday.

Weekend Hiking Trips

Several trips are being planned for 2013.  Bryce is just the first one for 2013.  I'll let you know as soon as they post, since I know you want plenty of notice.