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Four Hiking Seasons - details
2/22/2014 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Four Hiking Seasons - details

  • Winter (December 1 - Feb 28): Snowshoeing, hiking w/ micro spikes, downtown SLC night walks, (Hiking w/ spikes requires wearing micro spikes on hard packed snow or ice trails).  Need a pair of spikes or snowshoes?  I rent them. 
  • Spring (March 1 - May 30): Some snowshoe outings still offered, icy trails may exist, bring micro spikes if you have them, hike to waterfalls, transition from wetter to drier terrain/weather, generally lower altitude hikes, then gradually climbing to higher altitude as snow melts and trail conditions dry out.
  • Summer (June 1 - Aug 31): High altitude hiking (mostly between 8000 - 11,000 ft. above sea level), lots of amazingly beautiful wild flowers, canyon to canyon hikes, loop trails, etc
  • Fall (September 1 - Nov 30): Gorgeous fall colors, transition from drier to wetter terrain/weather, starting at higher altitude and gradually dropping to lower altitude until winter hiking starts.