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Be an example to your family and friends to be active and healthy
11/5/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Be an example to your family and friends to be active and healthy

Slack lining - a sport Raena, our daughter is into


As of September 2015, our family of six has grown to include 4 adult children, daughter-in-law, son-in-law and 5 beautiful grandchildren.

Wee have always been a high energy family that has been blessed with some degree of natural, athletic ability.

Dave and I have raised our 4 children on multiple trampolines in our backyard ever since they were very young.

It's been a family tradition that continues with our grandchildren.  

After 36 years of marriage, our family still loves high adventure in a variety of forms.

Dave on a bike ride at Bear Lake

Dave loves frisbee, basketball, throwing a football, zip lining, tennis, ping pong, dodgeball, racket ball, lifting weights and playing outside with anyone who will join him. 

Besides all the many sports I promote on my website, I love dancing, softball, ping pong, dodge ball, tennis, bike riding, racket ball, lifting weights, and trampoline jumping. 

When our children were young, we found a great deal on a 16 ft. ski boat at a yard sale in Sandy, for only $1700! 

This decision turned out to be one of the best yard sale deals we ever found! 

We have never regretted this purchase since boating brought us much closer together as a family.

Many summers were spent wake-boarding, water-skiing and hanging out together.

Devin, Raena, Trevor, Kendra

When our children were young, I taught Country Dance aerobic classes and Big Band Swing Dance for over 20 years.

Whatever I do, I have to share it with someone, so it was natural to teach all of my children to swing and country dance at a young age. 

Dancing around in our kitchen was very popular. 

Dave is a great dancer and once I got the dance party started, everyone participated.

My dad was the big influence in my life.  He taught me how to do a lot of different kinds of ballroom dances before I was 13.

Our hiking experiences as a family were not so successful since some family members wanted to go fast while others were more into photography along the way. 

We love hamming it up in front of the camera. 



I'm land paddling

Our grand daughter in her pool

Kendra loves dancing of any kind including Hip Hop.  She loves waterskiing, running, volleyball, etc.  

Devin played hockey in high school, enjoys free line skating (see below photo),  slip and slide, has a passion for Wake-Boarding and has competed. Also loves snowboarding, running, biking, swimming and competing in half triathlons.

Trevor loves playing football, softball, basketball, skiing, and has produced many SUU Parkour videos with his friends. 

Dave hiking

Raena is majoring in Outdoor Recreation at the U of U and played Volleyball and Basketball for Olympus High School. She loves all outdoor sports including backpacking, hiking, canyoneering, mountain biking, slack lining, etc.

Luckily our daughter in law and son in law love to be active as well. 

Monica loves running, boxing, dancing, hiking and a host of other sports.

I am hooping on a rock!

Brandon loves dirt biking, water skiing, flying airplanes, jet skiing, etc. 

I’m very grateful that our family has been so active throughout the years and hopefully will continue to be good examples to our grandchildren and the next generations after them. 

Devin free line skating