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Surprise Hike!

Sheryl McGlochlin - Friday, November 04, 2011

Check out my new High Altitude Hiking and State Park Videos I just posted on my website, click here

8 - 8:30 am: Welcome all new hikers, answer any questions, stretch a little, distribute and eat bagels, get acquainted, assess hiking abilities of attendees,  provide and organize carpool assistance, etc. 

8:30 am: Drive to trail head

This hike has been a little trickier to post details due to the storm coming in.

Everyone meet at 6200 So. Wasatch - our regular meeting place at the same time as always.

If it's raining or snowing, I have the perfect nearby trail to take everyone on, so wear a rain jacket and come!  It will take us 2 minutes to get to the trailhead.  It's a fun easy trail with no mud since it is on a hidden, paved bike trail near the Cotton Bottom in Holladay.

If it's not raining or snowing, we'll go on another easier trail on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail in Sandy.  That way we can stay on the front of the mountain and see what storms may be coming our way.  This has great views of the entire Salt Lake Valley.

I am doing an easier hike since we did such a good hard hike last week and I'm really impressed that so many members of our group did the full 8 miles!!

Depending on the weather and how many may want to do a harder hike than the one I have planned, we may send those people to another nearby location together but I'll focus on an easier hike but you'll still get a great workout!  Just not another 8 miles!

Everything is weather pending, so bring an assortment of appropriate clothes and come!


Regardless of your hiking ability, you'll enjoy at least some of these features each week, compliments of the Wasatch Mountains: meadows, vistas, overlooks, lakes or streams, lush foliage, wild flowers, wild life, etc.

Every week we work hard to offer an easier and more moderate hike, to keep everyone at a level they'll enjoy.  You decide. 

Know your own limits and adjust accordingly.

Hiking poles help a lot, especially when hiking downhill.

Join us hiking or snowshoeing EVERY Saturday of the year on a new trail each week!

Come often and become familiar with all of my favorite hiking trails in the Wasatch Mountains!

Bring a camera, hat, snack, jacket and water bottle (1 - 2 liters).

For tips on how to be safe, what to bring, photos, and more info, CLICK HERE

Free, delicious bagels are provided for all of my hikers every week.

It's my way of saying THANK YOU for joining us!

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