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What's so great about "High Altitude Hiking"...
8/12/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

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We look forward to High Altitude Hiking EVERY year!  People ask me why.  Here are just a few reasons off the top of my head.

When I wrote this blog, I had just got back from a high altitude hike around the 10,000 ft. area, so I was very excited to express my thoughts at the moment. 


  • INCREDIBLY beautiful vibrant Wild flowers that you'll ONLY see at 10,000 ft. above sea level
  • It's a VERY short season - since you have to wait till the bulk of the snow has melted so the trails are safe and clear AND before it gets cold again in the fall.
  • During this very short season, you have the RARE privilege of FEELING like a bird high up in the sky! You see things ONLY a bird gets to see: 100's of miles of mountain ranges and peaks, incredible views down into the Salt Lake Valley, peaks up close and personal, wildlife i.e. moose and deer that only live in high altitude areas.
  • You get a taste what "high altitude" FEELS like.  How the air is much thinner and how you need to walk slower or stop more often.
  • You get to SMELL what High Altitude smells like:  FRESH, COOL, CLEAN mountain air!
  • It's very addicting!
  • I always feel SO happy when I come home from a high altitude hike.  I left on the hike this morning feeling very rushed, stressed and anxious about all that I had to get done today and that I probably shouldn't be hiking, but then I went and now that I'm home I feel SO incredibly happy and life seems a lot more manageable when you are happy!
  • You get to see the BIG picture in life for a few hours, get some perspective and see how small and puny you and your problems are compared to this vast, awe-inspiring world!
  • (I have some amazing photos to show people, to hopefully convince people and back up all my claims!).
  • And last of all, High Altitude does NOT have to be hard.  It can be very easy and extremely safe for all members of the family to enjoy!