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Video: My passion for Zipfy Riding
3/6/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Video:  My passion for Zipfy Riding

Here's my Zipfy Ride down a mountain in Utah.  There were three of us but I was last and the camera is on me.  Yes, I admit, I have a need for speed and I love riding a Zipfy down a mountain!  



This Zipfy Riding video that I made makes me happy every time I watch it.  There are three of us. First John, then my 23 yr old son, Trevor, then I went down, with the Go Pro Camera strapped on my body. 

About half way thru the video, if you watch carefully you'll see a patch of black pavement in my path, but since Zipfys are easy to steer, I just drove around it. John didn't have gloves on and was freezing after a few minutes, so it was easy to pass him.  Then the pursuit was on to catch up and pass Trevor but we are both very competitive and I know he wasn't about to let his mother finish first. 

At one point I did pass him but then we were neck and neck, so I stuck my arm out, trying to keep him from passing me.  Then we both crashed which by the way didn't hurt - except my ego, since he took off running and jumped on the Zipfy.  If you watch carefully I am not quite as agile as he is.  I had to stop and get on the Zipfy again before picking up speed. 

I'm jealous of Trevor and everyone else who can run and jump on a Zipfy while it's moving.  Nevertheless, this ride is so much fun going over bridges and streams, around curves,  passing snowshoers, dogs and children being pulled on a sled.     




I have 3 favorite winter sports which keeps me outdoors a LOT during the winter months:  Snowshoeing, Skiing and Zipfy Riding!  All 3 are SUPER fun to do.  I have a few favorite sledding hills that last 5 - 10 minutes long!  I can't get enough of these hills when the snow conditions are right. It's so much fun.  You can always buy a Zipfy from me ($40/each).  Whether you are 4 years or 70+ years old, you can have a great time Zipfy Riding!   I personally think it's the safest and most exhilarating sled on the market today!