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24 Hours after Surgery
9/11/2013 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: 24 Hours after Surgery

Today is 9-11-2013.  Besides being a very memorable and sacred day for our country, it's also my daughters birthday. Raena, my youngest, just turned 23 today and celebrated part of her birthday with Dave, Kendra, Devin and me in the hospital.  I wish everyone reading this could get to know my amazing family.  I wish Trevor, Monica and Brandon were here as well.  I have the best family and extended family anyone could ever wish for.  There is so much love in our family that it isn't a hard thing really to go through trials with them.

It's 24 hours later, my cancer has now been cut out of me.  It's gone!!!!  Dr. Kim at LDS Hospital, who is an incredible surgeon, cut 12 inches of colon out of me.  About 2 inches of that was cancer.  The rest had to come out due to the lymph nodes and main artery that was attached to the lymph nodes. They will be studying that part of me in the lab over the next few days to see if any further care is needed.  I'll keep you posted. 

I was asked by my doctor to walk, sit or stand at least 180 minutes today - in other words, mostly stay out of bed at least that much.  My colon will kick back into gear faster and get back to normal, the more I am active.  I am so grateful that "being active" is what I do best!!!  

Out of all the words I could use the past 16 days, "Grateful" is by far the #1 word I would use to describe how I feel.  I am so glad I have had this experience so far since I have never been so grateful for so many people, places and things over the past 16 days!  It has been more than a great journey and I can't tell you 'thank you' enough for being so kind to me.  I still have plenty more recovery in front of me but I will be just fine.  It's an awesome feeling to be surrounded by so much goodness. 

So just remember, on 9-11-2001 even though evil seemed to dominate, if you take a closer look you'll see there were miracles and a huge abundance of good all over the place. 

This will go down as my BEST ADVENTURE TRIP EVER and trust me, I've been on some pretty great adventure trips over the years.  This one beats them all.