Sheryls CC Adventure

6 weeks after finding out about Colon Cancer - 4 weeks after surgery
10/10/2013 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: 6 weeks after finding out about Colon Cancer - 4 weeks after surgery

I hope I can share my most memorable CC Adventure Story with many people for a very long time!

I know I am a walking, breathing miracle.

The first post I wrote mentioned what an amazing Adventure Trip this was going to be and it hasn't disappointed.  

Today is Thursday, October 10, a little over 6 weeks from when this all began.

On that life-changing morning, Monday, August 26, 2013, when Dr. Randy Ryser, my good friend and doctor, put his arm around me and told Dave and I that I had colon cancer, you really don't grasp the seriousness of the situation. 

My first 3 thoughts were:  "Does this mean I can't go to Lake Powell with my Outdoor Adventure Group next week?  Does this mean I can't fly to Florida in a month from now, on Sept. 25 for my birthday and see my kids and grandchild?  Does this mean I can't take 40 Outdoor Adventure group members to Maui in 70 days from now?"

My second big question:  "How do we tell our kids this kind of news?"

Dave told me later his first thought was "Does this mean Sheryl could die soon, or something like that.

Anyway, it's interesting to look back and think about what your initial thoughts were.

Jump a head 6 weeks later and see if you don't see some miracles like I do.

I was released a day early from the hospital for good behavior and for passing all the tests:  had to walk, eat, and either poop or pass gas through the colon before I could leave.

I've been on Regular strength tylenol since leaving the hospital and NO heavy duty narcotics are in my body!!  YAY!!!!

I've lead 3 hikes again which feels so good to be back in the saddle!!

I took my group to Lake Powell for 5 amazing days before surgery!

I've spent 7 days in Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach, Florida with my kids and beautiful grand daughter, riding a bike up and down the beach and walking along the beach every day.

I'm 30 days away from taking 40 people to Maui for a great 7-day adventure!

I walk, hike or bike ride and/or use my Total Gym every day to gain my stamina back.

I was able to walk around the block within 3 days after surgery.

I have had some amazing spiritual experiences through the course of this adventure.

I have felt the great love and prayers from so many people - who are in heaven and who are on earth!

I have felt very close to my own father, Boyd Olsen, who I was close to my whole live and who passed away 20 years ago.

I have mostly felt an overwhelming love from my Heavenly Father through this whole entire experience.

It has made me want to be more kind to everyone around me, more patient, more forgiving, more tolerant, more grateful, more compassionate, more prayerful, more humble, more reliant on God, etc.

2 Scriptures tell pretty much how I feel: 

Draw closer to me.... and I will draw closer to you.... (Jesus Christ, our Savior, offers immediate relief.  Since we have free agency here on earth to do whatever we want, the ball is in OUR court, so we have to make the first move.)

I made a big effort to try and draw closer to Him OFTEN and He kept His promise and drew closer to me.  In return I received some big huge blessings:  inner peace, confidence that everything would go well, increased faith, assurance, a lot of love, increased faith and confidence in the skills of my surgeon and much more. 

Another scripture I love in the Book of Mormon: 

It's quoted often and I know why...

"I know the Lord loveth His children however, I do not know the meaning of all things".  That's exactly how I feel.  I know He loves me.  That much I really do know.  That He is real and He lives and He loves me and knows me very well.  What I don't know is the meaning of why things happen in our lives.  

I am also very grateful that almost on instinct, I decided that very first day that I would be believing, that I would be positive and be grateful for every small and simple thing that happened to me.  I am so very grateful that I chose that attitude.  I call it living in the light.  I could have chose to stand more in the dark which would mean I would choose to have more fear, doubt, anger, frustration, and a boatload of other unhealthy attributes!

That first day I also chose something else that, now as I look back 6 weeks, I am very grateful.  I am extremely thankful that I choose to document this by writing my thoughts down in this blog.  I know some of my friends have been in to get a colonoscopy because of my experience.  For this I am extremely happy that I could have some kind of positive impact in someones life.