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Cape Canaveral Florida_My birthday present next week
9/19/2013 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Cape Canaveral Florida_My birthday present next week

Long before I ever got the Colon Cancer news I had booked my airfare for Orlando, FL to visit my kids over my birthday.  I was planning to be in Florida from Sept. 25 - Oct. 2.  My birthday is Thursday, Sept. 26. 

Then I got this lovely colon cancer news so I was ready to cancel if necessary.  But now that I'm just a few days away and feeling as good as I am, I'm planning on being in Florida by Wed night next week!!  I am amazed at how well my body is healing, on a daily basis.  I know my diet and all the hiking I've done over the past 10 years is serving my body REALLY well right now.  It's actually quite exciting to see how a healthy, active body heals after a major surgery like this.

I've been out walking around the neighborhood all over the place,  and walking up a steep nearby road (Alvera Drive) without breaking a sweat, then walking again this morning like it was nothing.  I'm feeling quite confident in my ability to walk all over the airports to get to terminals in both Orlando and SLC airports next week.  

Now I'm watching to see how well I do when it comes to sitting in a chair without my incisions hurting me which would simulate me sitting on a plane for 4+ hours at a time.  I think I'll be fine with this come next Wednesday, based on how I am feeling lately.  As I am typing this I'm sitting in a chair and I'm not feeling any discomfort. 

All of my incisions are healing much faster than I ever could have imagined!  That's not to say that I won't be cautious and careful.  I'll continue to take it easy, I promise!  I understand that my biggest weakness is my enthusiasm and energy and always wanting to move a lot more than maybe what I should be doing so I'm keenly aware of my weaknesses.  There are still a lot of hours in the day to rest and I really do rest. 

But now I'm getting very excited about going to a beach in Cape Canaveral and walking along the beach, looking at waves, the ocean and watching my little 2 year old Summer's every move!!!  

My oldest daughter, Kendra came over on Monday and Wednesday and will come back tomorrow on Friday.  She's been helping me clean my house, one room at a time.  She has been bringing her 2 year old boy, Kade. 

It's so much fun to just walk around and follow Kade.  I love this 2 year old age!!!  I can really relate to them right now.  They, just like me, have this new body that they just want to experience everything and go everywhere.  I feel like I can relate to them after being in a hospital for a few days.  I feel like I have a new lease on life.  I can see that it all can really be taken away from you, so walking around the block feels so good.  It feels so great to be outside and hearing the sounds of the neighborhood, feeling the cold crisp morning air in the morning, smelling all of the foliage in Holladay, etc.. 

It really only takes being in a hospital for a few days to start to appreciate all of this a lot more.