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Doctors orders: 3 hours a day of walking or moving
9/17/2013 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Doctors orders: 3 hours a day of walking or moving

Tuesday, Sept. 17:  almost exactly one week after surgery:

I am feeling a LOT better and more hopeful about going to Florida a week from tomorrow to stay w/ Trevor, Monica and Summer Jane - especially after this morning.  I went on a 1 hour walk.  It felt so great! I'm not walking fast of course but this is exactly what my doctor has asked me to do - walk or move around - away from the bed or couch - at least 3 hours every day. 

I have set a goal for the next 7 days, to keep walking as well as I did today, every day between now and the time I leave for Florida.   I promise I'll listen to my body and not do anything that would hurt or push it too hard but I'm so thrilled that my doctor is encouraging me to move a lot! 

My big 2 week checkup with Dr. Kim, my surgeon, is next Monday, Sept. 23, 2 pm.  That's when I will really know whether he thinks I'm good to go or not.

I think going to Florida and seeing my kids and my beautiful granddaughter will give me some great R & R. 

It will also give Dave a breather too, which he could for sure use as well right now.