Sheryls CC Adventure

9/13/2013 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: I am CLEAN

It's Friday the 13th but I just got the BEST news of my life!!

About 12 noon I found out that I am CLEAN!  No more cancer in me at all and no need for further treatment i.e. chemo, etc.!!!!! 

My good friend and next door neighbor, Joan Bennion, was here when the news came in. 

I found this great news out from a phone call from Dr. Randy Ryser first and then a few minutes later it was official with another phone call from Dr. Kim at LDS Hospital.  I can't state enough how much I love these 2 men.

This was the final news I was waiting to hear.

This is the reason they had to take out 12 inches of my colon instead of only the bad 2 inches of cancer that was in me. 

Those lymph nodes have been undergoing some testing in the pathology department to determine if the cancer had spread outside of my colon wall and now I know that it has not!!

We will be celebrating tonight!!!  

(As much as I want to celebrate and shout and talk, it actually hurts since it doesn't take much for me to start coughing a little which is very painful on my incisions that are trying to heal in my abdomen, so I'll calmly celebrate instead.)