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I Choose to Live in the Light
9/17/2013 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: I Choose to Live in the Light

22 Days ago I got the news that I had Colon Cancer.

7 Days ago I had surgery to remove the cancer

I am cancer free which I am extremely grateful for.

I am not pain free however.

This is a long, slow recovery which in my mind I knew it would be.

It takes a lot of effort to "live in the light" rather than the darkness.

To be grateful rather than bitter.

To be happy rather than focus on the discomfort.

And the hardest one for me, to be happy going slow, rather than being able to go fast.

I love to move all the time and love to go fast, to get things done.  I love my energy!

Now I don't have so much energy. 

Sometimes it's easy to deal with that reality and other times I can't wait to get back to the person I was just a few weeks ago. 

About 12 days ago I had an experience I hope to never forget about living in the light

One week before my surgery, I went to Lake Powell, another scheduled trip that has been planned for months.  My surgeon thought it was a great idea for me to keep that obligation and go.  The day after I got home I went in for surgery.  It was the best trip ever, especially right before the surgery since it was also a great distraction.

One of the highlights for me was sleeping on my cot, outside my tent, under the stars.  Everyone else in our group was inside their tent but with just a slightly cool breeze during the night, I slept out under a blanket of bright stars.  I laid awake and just starred at the stars after everyone had gone to bed.  It was quiet and there were so many stars in the sky.  I could see the milky way and a host of other stars in all directions.  I had this great treat 2 nights in a row before the weather started changing on us.  I go on camping trips during the year but this is the only camping trip I ever sleep outside my tent, under the stars.  I really should do this more often since it's such an amazing experience!

A friend told me once that a diamond in a jewelry store is always showcased with a piece of black velvet fabric in back of it.  The diamond is always so much brighter in that setting. 

That night at Lake Powell all the stars in the sky were so beautiful because of the black backdrop of darkness. The contrast made the stars SO much brighter.  

When we have trials or turbulence in our lives, the darkness is more real but so is the light.  We can shine brighter against the darkness that surrounds us.

I want to acknowledge that Darkness does exist but I choose to stand and live my life in the light.  
I want to be like those bright stars that illuminate even brighter against the dark black night.

You have to make a conscious decision to do that.  I have to remind myself to do this often.

If you get a chance, read or listen to this 15 minute talk called The Hope of God's Light.  I lOVE this talk.  It's so good!!