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My 1st little hike - 8 days after surgery
9/18/2013 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: My 1st little hike - 8 days after surgery

9 am, Sept. 18

Went for a walk to my neighbors home, to take some dishes back to her, from a delicious meal she made me.  She lives on a steeper hill so I thought this would be a good test to see how well I could still walk up steeper roads rather than just flat ones.  I went straight up the steeper road to the top of Alvera Drive, then it dawned on me.... nothing is wrong with my legs, just my stomach area.  I was so grateful that I could still hike up a hill so soon after surgery.  After all, I was hiking just a week ago!  It's so amazing to see how the body heals itself.

I'm not doing anything my doctor has not already encouraged me to do so I'll keep getting some good walks and little neighborhood hikes in during the next week.