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My Warning signs - How I knew something was wrong
9/15/2013 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: My Warning signs - How I knew something was wrong

I had plenty of warning signs that "all was not well" inside of my body

NOTE:  I am sorry if I offend anyone in being too graphic in explaining my symptoms HOWEVER if anything I say in this blog helps someone else from getting colon cancer, it will be well worth it and I'll be very happy!!

  • There was a small discharge of blood in EVERY "small" stool first thing in the morning - every morning - for at least 4 or more months.  
  • I kept thinking it would go away or it had to do with some of my high fiber foods I was eating.  
  • You should see a doctor much sooner than I did when this sort of thing happens.  
  • The "small" stool i refer to was not normal either.  I would generally have a "larger" bowel movement first thing in the morning.
  • A mild stomach ache was common every morning before my 2 - 3 bowel movements in the morning. 
  • Knowing what I know now, the cancer was creating a partial blockage on the wall of my colon which explains the sick stomach and even the blood on the side of my stool and in the toilet every morning. 
  • When I was healthier, I would have larger bowel movements, without any sick stomachs, earlier in the day and then not so much after that.  
  • I think the more the cancer grew, it not only created the sick stomach and blood discharge but also created several smaller bowel movements throughout the day, which was uncommon for me. 
  • I deceived myself by thinking that as long as I ate a healthy diet high in fiber, it would guarantee me of not ever getting colon cancer since many reports say "the chances of colon cancer are greatly reduced with a diet high in whole grains, legumes, fruits and veggies".  
  • My symptoms or warning signs weren't ever bad enough to slow me down that much.  That is the danger.  Just get regular check ups OR for sure ACT NOW when you see little warning signs.
  • Bottom line:  Have a colonoscopy starting at age 50 and regular checkups after that regardless of how healthy you may feel you are. 
  • Because of the high colon cancer risk in my family history, that I've discovered lately, my children will need to for sure have a colonoscopy starting at age 40, according to my surgeon, Dr. Kim.