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Surgery tomorrow morning
9/9/2013 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Surgery tomorrow morning

I just got back tonight from an amazing trip at Lake Powell for the past 5 days.  Surgery check in time is 11 am tomorrow (Tuesday).  Surgery is supposed to last approx. 2 hours.

I've been on a liquid diet all day today.  Can't have any food, water or anything after midnight tonight.

I'm so grateful for receiving a beautiful blessing tonight from Dad, Devin and Jim Deans.

I'll keep you all posted after surgery tomorrow.

Dave and Raena will be with me either all day or most of the day.

Kendra is coming to help me on Wednesday.

Raena and Kendra are handling all calls, texts and emails coming in to me.

I'll put a list together of what I really need so if my family can't help me with some of these things, I'll let you know through this blog. 

I really appreciate your love, prayers, thoughts, support and well wishes.  It means so much to me. 

Don't come to the hospital unless you've checked in with Dave, Kendra or Raena first and they say it's OK. See phone numbers below.

I've been reminded by the hospital staff that I'm limited to 2 visitors at any time.

I'll be there for around 3 days then I'll be home.  I'll let you know about that on this blog.

To all my Outdoor Adventure members:  Please don't stop the momentum that we have built!!  Keep supporting those who I have appointed to lead all of the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday hikes. (Namely Trish, Linda and Mike/Anna Lucero).  I will keep these 4 people up to date on what's happening with me as well, so please come and hike with us as usual.

To all my garden members:  We've come too far and worked too hard to let our guards down now.  Tuesday night is ALWAYS our big South Jordan garden night and this doesn't change just because I am not there.  I am surrounded by many capable garden members who know our routine.  We start at 9978 So. Redwood Road at 6 PM, and travel to the other gardens to work and harvest all the crops that are ready.

To all those going to Maui with us in November:  The only thing I need to do different right now is reschedule the Pre-Maui Party this Saturday, Sept. 14.  Half the group can't come on this night anyway.  I'll send an email out to everyone letting them know it will be in October.  Don't panic though.  This trip is going forward as always.

To all of my friends and neighbors of my LDS (Mormon) Faith, Michelle Andersen is my "Go To" person and will keep you in touch of anything I may need.

Dave's cell:  801-879-9760

Raena's cell:  801-879-9691

Kendra's cell: 520-400-5136

Devin's cell: 801-209-0030

They can also put you in touch with Monica and Trevor if you need them.

I can't even begin to tell you how much all of your love means to me at this time in my life.  I am so grateful to be surrounded by such amazing high caliber friends and family.  

I've now lived with this knowledge for 14 days and the overwhelming feeling I have had the VERY most during this past 2 weeks is how much I love my many friends and family members.  I know I am loved by my Father in Heaven above and His son, Jesus Christ.  This love is very real because I honestly feel it and I have never once been disappointed by following my Savior's footsteps.  

I told my daughter Raena earlier this evening, that for 10 years so many people have been showing up at my hikes, without knowing much about me or the Wasatch Mountains.  They have exercised faith and just showed up and hoped to have a great experience hiking with someone they may not have known personally.  I have, in turn, felt that trust being placed in me to lead and guide in such a way that everyone would have fun and be safe.  I hoped I haven't disappointed because I have worked very hard to show my love for you by keeping you safe and taking you on some amazingly beautiful trails, especially in the Wasatch Mountains.  

Now it's my turn to show up and exercise faith in this journey, not really knowing much about the trail I am on either, but I do put 110% faith and trust in my Savior, Jesus Christ, who is my trail guide.  I'll submit and hold His hand and have Him guide me on this new trail that is very foreign to me. And I'll say it again, I've never been disappointed in where He has taken me so far so I have no reason to believe that this would be any less great than any other experience I've had in my life.

Keep in touch with me.  I'll have more to say tomorrow afternoon.