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The Colon is a VERY moody organ.
9/13/2013 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: The Colon is a VERY moody organ.

I was warned by my surgeon, Dr. Kim, the other day, that the Colon is a very moody organ.  I was not able to go home from the hospital until I could either pass gas through my NEW and IMPROVED colon OR have a bowel movement.  That's when he reminded me of how moody my colon is. 

I was able to pass some gas which earned me my ticket out of the hospital. 

The bowel movement was another thing...

The first bowel movement to arrive after surgery was taking it's own sweet slow time. I was in the bathroom for more than an hour from 3:30 Friday morning.

Then it dawned on me.  This is when I would normally be getting up anyway.  It's Friday and I get up at 3:30 AM to get ready to go to work in the Salt Lake Temple, so then it made me feel like I was back to normal more than I realized! 

I just wouldn't be spending so much time in the bathroom typically.  Life is getting better every hour.  I have to be careful not to talk that much or get too excited since I have started coughing a little and my incisions really hurt when I cough, which is why it feels so good to express myself through my writing.   I have so much enthusiasm in me right now but it can't come out in all of my regular ways. 

I have now discovered that when I write (blog) OR when I play the piano, I can express my enthusiasm and emotions, which helps SO much when I can't speak.

I've already been out on one walk today with Raena.  We went down Wander Lane.  I am so happy to be home.  Walking down Wander Lane is like walking in the Garden of Eden.  LDS Hospital hallways are nice but they don't even begin to compare with the outdoor beauty of Holladay!  

I'll be on at least a few more walks before today is over.  A hiker has to hike (or walk anyway).