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6-3-4 "Miracle" Food Box

Honestly, this 6-3-4 Thirty Day Food Box should be called the "Miracle Box".

No joke. I am single and stay pretty busy between a career and my insane number of interests. I also want to lose weight, but my challenge is that "dieting" is expensive and time consuming AND it's not a lifestyle.

We all know that healthy nutrition means getting closer to nature, and further from manmade goods. But it's hard for those of us who are busy, fighting to make ends meet, or just can't stand to eat the same twigs and berries for the umpteenth time in a row. Sound familiar? I think that's a struggle many of us have, regardless of the size of our family.

Enter the 6-3-4 method.

The time savings is thanks to the miracle of a slow cooker AND the ingredients in the box! Every recipe included in Sheryl's box is DELICIOUS, and will use at least one item from the box--additional items can come from caselot sales or from Sheryl's Gardening group!

And, if you struggle with the same thing I do: "No matter how awesome something is, by the sixth day of eating it you never want to see it again" the neat part is, EVERYTHING can be frozen. I recently bought a 5 cu ft deep freezer, and dedicated three sundays for cooking. Cooking is a misnomer, because really I was waiting for the slow cooker to finish so I could start another recipe.

After 3 full days of cooking I filled my freezer to capacity. I have everything from breakfast to desserts and if I ate nothing but what was in the freezer I would not have to cook again for several months.

Think about it, you have "TV" style dinners that do not have the preservatives, fillers, sodium or cardboard taste that you can eat anywhere you have access to a microwave. Store them in small 8 oz individual containers and you have instant food proportioning, portability, and convenience.

I keyed all of the recipes into a food tracker, and even as a veteran dieter I was amazed how high in fiber, and low in fat/calories they all were. I made small substitutions like poultry for beef and fat free dairy items and made the recipes to the point where I was too full to eat the number of calories I needed. (That is a good thing! It encourages you to eat more frequently which is another thing we all should be doing).

And have I mentioned, not only do I not have to cook for a very long time, but since my food is already prepared, I don't have to grocery shop either. That is a HUGE cost savings, as before I started this program, much of my food was going bad before I could eat it all.

Bottom line: Stop dieting--Start a lifestyle. You will likely lose weight or at least feel healthier, you will save money and time, and you will enjoy the included recipes. It really is a miracle box.


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