Confidence to pursue my dream

I've been telling everyone about your groups and the fantastic adventure I went on. I've already convinced a few of my friends to come with me on the next ones. 

I would like to spread the word, because I think you are an awesome person and you and your trips will inspire many people like what you have done for me.  

You have given me the confidence to pursue my dream.  My dream is to attend college and become an engineer.  I began school soon after my injury, but I had to postpone my education when the RSDS developed, because the pain was too intense and I couldn't focus on my work.  I've minimized my pain since then, and for the past while I've been considering trying again, but I lacked the confidence in myself.  Going to Moab showed me that I can continue my pursuit, succeed and provide a good life for my two angels.  So thank you Sheryl!