Sheryl's encouragement with Hydroponic Gardening

We learned so much by attending the recent Hydroponic workshop in the home of Sheryl McGlochlin!  For two hours our hostess showed us how to set up the apparatus and demonstrated how to use the equipment.  It is not as technically difficult as we had feared, and Sheryl's encouragement went a long way toward giving us the confidence to enter this endeavor.  She promises to be available in the future to answer questions, and we are invited to return to her home to see (again) firsthand the setup she has both in the house and in the oversize backyard greenhouse.  

Both of us agree that Sheryl's workshop is the ideal way to get started in the exciting field of Hydroponics.  Her knowledge of the subject is impressive, and she has put together much material that enables this workshop to be a "hands-on" lesson that we learned so much from.  We highly recommend the class to anyone with even the slightest interest in Hydroponic gardening!