Utah up close and personal
My name is Sue and I am an Australian and New Zealand citizen who has been living in SLC for the past year. I met Sheryl through googling 'snow shoeing' and her website came up. As a result I ended up hiking, kayaking, camping, snowshoeing and skiing with Sheryl over the course of this year. I have seen some amazing places in the world but Utah is spectacular and through Sheryl's group I have seen it 'up close and personal'. I have had so much fun as a result of meeting this 'crazy girl' I could write a book! Not only have I had more fun in a year than any one person should legally be allowed to have, I have met some wonderful people with whom I will remain friends, even though I have to return to Australia. Sheryl has been such an inspiration to me too! The Nike ad says -Just do it! - and Sheryl does! She rocks! You go girl!