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Website is very deep and sincere
I just wanted to send you a compliment. Your website is very deep and sincere. As a psychologist and a fitness instructor, I appreciate your message as well as the benefits you are promoting. I am constantly amazed by the mental and spiritual benefits of fitness, especially hiking. The physical (and physiological) benefits of movement and effort (especially in the outdoors) are obvious to all who engage in them. So many people are trapped (and depressed) simply because they refuse to put forth any considerable effort. As a Salt Lake City native, I truly appreciate your efforts as well as your cause. Keep up the good work!

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SPRING HIKE: Birch Hollow Loop Trail, Millcreek Canyon
SPRING HIKE: Donut Falls, Mill D South Trail, Big Cottonwood Canyon
Spring Hiking Orientation
14th Annual Memorial Day Breakfast & Hike, Millcreek Canyon
SPRING HIKE: Mill D North Trail to Dog Lake, Big Cottonwood Canyon
SPRING HIKE: Scout Falls, American Fork Canyon
SPRING HIKE: Trail & Canyon To be announced soon
Spring Hiking Orientation
Hooping Class (Hula Hooping)
SPRING HIKE: Farmington Falls

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