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Snowshoeing is not only good cardiovascular exercise, but it's a great reason to get outdoors and stay active all winter long!

Other benefits include: 

  • Excellent aerobic workout
  • Incredible winter beauty
  • Lifts your spirit/soul
  • Breathe fresh mountain air
  • Escape valley inversions
  • Witness bright blue skies
  • Think more clearly about your problems
  • Peace and Quiet
  • Strengthen your entire body
  • Make friends
  • Gain confidence in knowing that you can do "hard things"!
  • Feel gratitude when observing how beautiful nature is on a cold winter day
  • Avoid cabin fever by getting outside often
  • Great Family Recreation
  • Easy to learn – for all ages
  • Learn and practice valuable emergency preparedness skills
  • Inexpensive and affordable to enjoy often


Recreation Activities

Upcoming Snowshoeing Events

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Rapid Fire Tennis Outing
Rapid Fire Tennis Outing
Rapid Fire Tennis Outing
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