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This video is one of the best I've ever seen on the subject.   

The kind of terrain you see in this video is far from anything I'll ever go near BUT avalanches can run down a mountain a long ways!

I try to teach people to constantly be aware of their surroundings.

It will also help those who snowshoe with us understand why I am so conservative in my choice of terrain.

I support the Friends of the Utah Avalanche Center.

I read and pay attention to the daily Avalanche Reports I receive from the UAC and act accordingly.

I want to know what is happening in the Wasatch Mountains even if I have no intention of going near that area.

I want know what is happening in the Mountains before I ever leave my house.

Our group has successfully completed 900+ snowshoeing and hiking outings in the Wasatch Mountains with an excellent safety record.  This happened for a reason.  I intend to keep following important safety rules. 

I reserve the right to change our snowshoeing location at the last minute, if I feel there is even the slightest threat of danger.

With my members, I distance myself and protect my members from people who promote or encourage the belief  "Go big or go home".


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