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Practice dressing in layers


How to dress

  • Be prepared to "Layer up and peel off"
  • Priority:  Hiking Shoes and "Smart Wool" Socks
  • Hiking shoes: Lightweight waterproof and water resistant
  • Socks: Smart wool or other similar brands
  • Avoid cotton socks and cotton clothing

  • Cotton retains and absorbs water.  NOT a good wicking fabric

  • In order to stay warm in all kinds of weather, you need to stay DRY
  • Think like an onion: Wear THIN layers of clothing and be prepared to peel off clothing after a few minutes
  • Nylon outer layer necessary
  • My FAVORITE outdoor winter fabric:  100% Merino Wool!!  Here in Salt Lake City, I can find expensive 100% merino wool tops for less than $10 that are very gently used (at thrift stores, etc.).   Brand new they generally cost $90 or more.  This is the Mercedes of fabrics for outdoor winter clothing!
  • Anytime I can get a top, hat, scarf, long underwear, socks or anything else that has 100% merino wool, I am thrilled!  It has so many benefits i.e. it is SUPER light weight, breaths well, is super soft against the skin, wicks well which means it doesn't retain water.  If you do get wet you won't feel cold IF you are wearing merino wool.  Try and make sure you get 100%, NOT a mix of acrylic or any other blend.


Recreation Activities

Upcoming Snowshoeing Events

Sunset Hike in Holladay area
FREE Evening Picnic, East Canyon State Park, Watercraft rentals optional
HIKE: Little Thunder, Snowbird, start at White Pine TH, Little Cottonwood Canyon
SUMMER Hiking Orientation
HIKE: Deer Valley to Park City on Mid Mountain Trail
HIKE: Lake Mary from Brighton Ski Resort, Big Cottonwood Canyon
Summer Hike: Trail & Canyon To be announced
SUMMER Hiking Orientation
Summer HIKE: Canyon & Trail TBA
Summer HIKE: Canyon & Trail TBA

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