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12/27/2010 | Sheryl McGlochlin

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I got acquainted with this mini luge at the Outdoor Retail Show in 2008.  It was brand new to North America and was the biggest hit of all the products at this large international Outdoor Retail trade show!

I keep many in stock to sell and to take groups out Zipfy Riding.  They sell for $40 or rent for $10.

I love this "sledding device" because it is SAFE!  I have seen so many accidents on sledding hills from people coming down on inner tubes, saucers, etc.  Those types of sleds are FAR from safe, in my opinion. 

You won't go down the hill backwards on a Zipfy.  You can stay in control of your direction and speed.

With the Zipfy, you are able to stop easily, steer and carve to the right or the left.  As a worse case, you can fall off easily and it doesn't hurt since you are one inch off the ground! 

Kids and adults have tried the Zipfy, from 2 year olds (my grandson) up to 60+ year olds and everyone in between!  They all love it!  It's the same size Zipfy for an adult as it is for a child.

With my 2 year old grandson, we had an adult and the child riding together on a very small hill. 

Large adults may have a harder time sitting on the Zipfy.

It's easy to brake since your feet are out in front of you.  I dig my heels in the snow when I want to slow down.

To carve or turn, you can lean to the left or the right, while holding on to the handle.  I also dig one foot into the snow and that helps me turn.  As you watch my Zipfy movies on this site, you'll see us put one hand down lightly on the ground, which also helps us turn slightly and adjust our direction.

I would highly recommend the Zipfy product to ANYONE who loves sledding.