2020 Summer Hiking Season

Updated: Jun 29

If you love the colors of blue and green, you will love all of my summer hikes!

Summer Hiking Season:

  • June, July, August, September

  • 50+ hikes

  • Half day hikes

  • Most hikes: 8 am - 12 noon (finish earlier if you like)

  • EVERY Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

In addition, we offer


  • By invitation only

  • Start at 8 AM (or earlier), finish between 3 - 5 pm

  • Not posted publicly

  • Hikers are selected from our day hikes

WHY hike with us?

1) 300+ FREE hikes, online and in-person classes, pre-trip meetings, and relaxed social outings every year

2) parking can be more stressful than the hike itself, learn inside tips on where you can park for a hike

3) discover hundreds of trailheads, all leading to paradise. We show you how to avoid the super popular, overcrowded trails

4) experience a breathtaking journey of just driving TO a trailhead, even if you don't intend to hike. Scout it out for a future date or even if you hike for just a few minutes all of your effort to get there will be worth it

5) customize our hike to fit your needs, wants and abilities. It's ALWAYS acceptable as long as you end by 12 noin. Longer, more strenuous hikes are reserved for those attending our Featured Hikes.

6) each hiking outing is created to give you a SAMPLE of what the hike is like, then you may return on your own with friends or family and hike as long as you like

7) looking for new, more compatible friends to hike with? You've come to the right place! Heard of Speed Dating? Think of our group as Speed Hiking! In 4 short hours, 3 times every week of the year, we'll provide ample opportunities to meet and get to know many outdoor adventure enthusiasts! Gravitate to those with similar hiking styles, abilities and interests

8) let us spend even more time with you! Receive many invitations to join us on adventure trips, near and far, in a wide range of outdoor adventure sports, designed especially for beginner and intermediate levels with professional guides (ie. canyoneering, climbing, backpacking, snowshoeing, Zipfy sledding, hiking in Europe and the US, kayaking, stand up paddling, camping, biking, etc.)

9) Need a reason to get out of bed early, get dressed and get out the door three times a week? Let us be your motivation! Come often with a cheerful, helpful attitude and you'll be rewarded with many high-caliber, outdoor adventure friends who are all even more beautiful than the hikes themselves. They are eager to meet you as well!

10) If you are into nature and wildlife photography, don't forget your camera! We know where the good stuff is and we'll take you there!


During this 4-month, summer season we'll do many of the following trails, just not in this order.

Lake Blanche - BCC

Mineral Fork - BCC

Butler Fork - BCC

Circle All Peak - BCC

Mill A Basin - BCC

Gobbler's Knob Loop - BCC

Snow Basin Resort, Eden

Mill D North via Cabin Trail, BCC

Peruvian Gulch, Snowbird - LCC

White Pine to Gad Valley, Snowbird, LLC

Greens Basin, BCC

Grizzly Gulch - LCC

Twin Lakes Pass - Brighton, BCC

White Pine Trail - LCC

Red Pine Trail - LCC

Lake Solitude to Twin Lakes, BCC

Old Red Pine Road - Millcreek Canyon

Great Western Trail - Millcreek Canyon

Big Water - Millcreek Canyon

Little Water - Millcreek Canyon

Lambs Canyon

Honeycomb, Solitude - BCC

Silver Fork, BCC

Prince of Whales Mine - LCC

Elbow Fork to Lambs Canyon - Millcreek Canyon

Mid Mountain Trail, Jordanelle Reservoir Overlook, Deer Valley Ski Resort

Mid Mtn Trail to Silver Mine - Montage

Johns Trail, Sweeney Switchbacks, Park City

Guardsman Pass - BCC

Jupiter Hill - BCC

Blood Lake - BCC

Clayton Peak - BCC

Scott's Pass, Scott's Mountain - BCC

Snake Creek Pass/Brighton - BCC

Five Lakes/Brighton Ski Resort - BCC

Bear Trap Fork to Desolation Lake - BCC

Desolation Lake, Mill D North Cabin Trail- BCC

Ogden Valley Overlook

Ben Lomond, Ogden

Cathryn's Pass - LCC

Devil's Castle Loop - LCC

Germania Pass - LCC

Sugar Loaf, Cecret Lake - LCC

Albion Basin, Alta Ski Resort - LCC

Mill D North to Mill A Basin - BCC

Cardiff Pass, Cardiff Mine - LCC

Mt Timpanogos: up Timpooneke Trail, down Aspen Grove Trail

Emerald Lake, Summit - American Fork Canyon

Aspen Grove Trail - Provo Canyon

Silver Lake - American Fork Canyon

Tibble Fork area - American Fork Canyon

Stewart Falls to Sundance Ski Resort

Uintas - Bald Mountain

Uintas - Bald Mountain to Crystal Lake

Uintas - Notch Mountain

Uintas - Lofty Lake Loop

Uintas - Natural Basin

Uintas - Ruth Lake

Canyon to Canyon:

Lambs Canyon to Elbow Fork, Millcreek Canyon

Canyon to Canyon: Catherine's Pass to Brighton (LCC to BCC)

Canyon to Canyon: Mill D North to Big Water Trail (BCC to Millcreek)

And a few more surprises!


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