32 Benefits from hiking with our group

Hiking is PERFECT for developing friendships!

  1. Develop a strong, toned body

  2. Meet a lot of kind, caring, friendly people

  3. Enjoy stimulating, engaging conversations

  4. Develop deep long-lasting relationships

  5. Pleasant suprises come along the way as you easily develop friendships with those who are very different than yourself

  6. Relieve stress easily and quickly in a clean air mountain setting

  7. Enjoy peace and quiet, even in a group

  8. Treat yourself to a FREE oxygen bar found in nature

  9. Experience a natural high that lasts much longer than any hike

  10. Slowly dump unwanted pounds and fat...PERMANENTLY

  11. See for yourself what a photographer's paradise looks like, with an abundance of breath-taking scenery & beauty

  12. Gain a whole new perspective on life

  13. Observe first-hand how powerful, grand and awe-inspiring mother nature is AND how she is eager to bring happiness and joy into your soul

  14. Develop confidence in knowing you can do hard things

  15. Receive numerous invitations to attend many, memorable Outdoor Adventure Trips near and far

  16. All of your senses come alive

  17. Appreciate life more fully

  18. Feel a deeper sense of gratitude for life's many simple pleasures

  19. Associate with people who value the simple, pure, basic beauties of life

  20. Your entire bod6will feel energized.

  21. Feel much happier

  22. Heal whatever feels broken with nature’s powerful medicine

  23. Feel more relaxed and calm

  24. Opportunities to walk and meditate

  25. Breathe deeply an abundance of fresh, clean air

  26. Escape from the mundane, stressful, boring, daily chores of life

  27. Discover and explore new terrain, trails, routes, reservoirs, lakes, canyons, gulches, and peaks

  28. Scout it out with us then come back to these scenic treasures with family or friends

  29. Discover how inexpensive and rewarding a local day-hike can be

  30. Treat yourself to therapeutic, healing hiking outings often

  31. Enjoy hundreds of free hikes year round - each one easily be customized to accommodate a wide range of physical abilities

  32. Receive guidance and help to tailor each outing to suit your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and financial needs.

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