Online Class & Quiz: 6-3-4 Meal Plan-Eating healthier & cheaper

Updated: 6 days ago

Drastically improve your daily diet, lose unwanted pounds and save money all at the same time! My 6-3-4 Meal Plan is a simple, tried & tested, easy way to save a lot of money! Learn how to prepare and eat delicious healthy meals in very little time! I've been perfecting, teaching and practicing my 6-3-4 Meal Plan on my own family for 20+ years. I've also taught this in Adult Education classes for several years. 6-3-4 = 6 minute prep time, $3/meal, 4 servings. Get started today by taking my FREE Kahoot Quiz! Get started BEFORE the class begins! TEXT me to receive the online quiz: 801-278-5313


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