Staying Healthy during Winter: 15 Tips

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

15 Favorite "tried and tested" power tools I use to fight illness.

EVERY winter I work hard at staying healthy and strong.

Here's how I fight back:

First - Know the enemy.


Increased stress due to busy days, fun activities, more junk food in sight especially sugar, cold dry weather, less sunshine, shorter days, longer nights, more people struggling, depression tries to rear his ugly head along with increased doubt, fear, greed, lust, criticism, complaining, comparing, discontentment, disappointment, etc.

No worries! None of these enemies need to enter the home! They may come and want to stay but they are not invited in. Don't offer them a chair or a plate of cookies and milk. They seem to appear randomly every year more abundantly from October through March.

My top 15 weapons I use intentionally and more frequently during the winter months:

#1 WATER - I drink lots of water constantly trying to flush out toxins. I prefer HOT water. No lemon. Just straight hot or very warm water. It's super soothing! It's like a comfort food in a liquid form. I had 2 clients in Switzerland a few years ago who would come back to our villa and prepare this beverage after a day of hiking. I thought it was very odd but then I tried it and got hooked.

#2 ER CHEN - The best remedy for coughing, wheezing or any similar respiratory issues. I start taking these tiny little black pills immediately if I start developing these symptoms.

#3 ELIMINATE SUGAR and all junk food from your diet if possible. Sugar, especially, is your enemy!

#4 SLOW DOWN - Start dumping unnecessary stuff from your life and slow down. Take time to meditate often enough so you will actually know what is important and what isn't.

#5 SLEEP - Don't ignor it. Respect and listen to your body when it needs extra sleep or rest.

#6 CLEAN ENVIRONMENT - a clean living space will do wonders for your mind and body. It helps you to sleep more peacefully and to think and heal.

#7 HUMIDIFIER - Utah is extremely dry which can wreak havoc on your health. Simple solution: sleep with a humidifier next to your head every night. When I'm in the kitchen during the day I may boil water in a big pot to create more humidity. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the water.

#8 TONGUE SCRAPER - Scrape your tongue twice a day: every morning and night. 70% of respiratory issues could be eliminated by using this. Get rid of bad breath and even some dental issues . Search Tongue Scraping & Respiratory at

#9 GRATITUDE - Changing your thoughts will change your life! Book: As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen This little book teaches powerful concepts on the importance of your THOUGHTS.

#10 OUTDOOR EXERCISE.... EVERY DAY! Getting outside every day does wonders for mental health! You will also inspire and motivate others to do this. Winter activities like walking, ice skating, hiking, sledding, bike riding, skiing, snowmobiling, and nature photography are all very healing! Search Benefits of Being Active Outdoors at

#11 ASEA - ASEA Redox Cell Signaling supplement has been doing wonders for me for 4 years. I drink 1/4 cup each morning and night. I can help you get the lowest price. Search Redox Cell Signaling at

#12 GSH+ - Glutathione daily supplement. 2 capsules each day. I can help you get the lowest price. Search Glutathione at

Also Dr. Oz on Glutathione

Extra power weapons: When I'm STARTING to feel sick I immediately increase ASEA and GSH+ by 3 - 4 times for just a few days.

#13 CLEAN PILLOW CASE. Put a clean one on often

#14 CHANGE YOUR AIR FILTER in your furnace every 3 months - Keep your air clean in your home

#15 ELIMINATE JUNK from your mind and spirit. The power of social media and all types of media can and will destroy your life quickly if you aren't selective. Take it seriously and distance yourself from negative vibes or people who pull you down. It's VERY TOXIC!!

Allow into your mind and body ONLY what you consciously want in there.

Choose carefully WHAT and WHO you watch/listen to AND who you hang out with. Distance yourself from all other sources. "As a man thinking, so is he".

I'll be covering an entire class on this one step.

4 minute Video - Peaceable followers of Christ

My Favorite Go To List

Be a promoter for Good

All of these tools should not be kept for only you to benefit from. Care enough about others to share ANYTHING good you do with others around you. Post it on social media, text, write, call, speak, get out there, let others be influenced by your unique GOOD WORKS!




All of these things affect your mind, spirit, body and soul in a very profound way.

I look for people, places, and things that help me feel more hopeful, determined, believing, encouraged, motivated, alive, happy, grateful, kind, caring, joyful, loving, beauty, goodness, energy, light, optimistic, peaceful, supported or edified.

I distance myself from anything or anyone that promotes feelings of anger, hate, lack of hope, doubt, helplessness, fear, depression, apathy, cynicism, unbelieving, or laziness.


to get away from a toxic person or thing.

I've been there, done that. I can relate. You are stuck in a situation that hopefully won't last forever! You still have a choice. Someone can't take over your mind.

This is when the power of prayer really kicks in. I have silently prayed to God and asked Him to NOT ALLOW something to stick to my soul or my mind. He did that for me! He'll do that for you if you ask Him for help.

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