About Spikes and why are they required for winter hiking?

Updated: Jan 20

One important thing we require for those in our Winter hiking group from November through at least April are SPIKES, preferably Kahtoola Micro Spikes because they work so well when hiking or walking on ice or snow packed trails. These slip over your hiking shoes and keep you confidently hiking without hardly noticing you are on a slippery surface. Mostly we notice how slippery these trails are when we take off our spikes and start walking on the trail.

They are such an important piece of winter equipment to bring to every hike. They weigh less than 3 lbs.

In November many of our hikes start out dry or muddy then become a mixture of ice and mud within the first 30 minutes of hiking up a trail.

It only takes one fall to potentially ruin your winter so carry the spikes with you on ALL hikes in order to be prepared for any type of terrain you encounter. When the trail does turn to ice, we just stop and put them on, then keep hiking.

I sell Kahtoola Micro Spikes to my hikers for a discount price of $50, reg. $70 - $75.

If you need a pair, text me at 801-278-5313. You may pick them up at my home in Holladay or at our meeting place before a hike.

If you need assistance in putting them on correctly, let me know. I'm happy to help.

We have been using Kahtoola Micro Spikes for several years and we love them because they are very durable and keep us safe! They fit over your hiking shoes and take just a minute to put on.

I try to keep several pair in stock at all times. They are black and come in four sizes: small, medium, large, X Large. Tell me your shoe size. Also keep an extra pair on hand if you want to take someone hiking with you occasionally.

To purchase: pay cash or VENMO. Venmo user name: @sheryl-mcglochlin

Falls are the most common injury in Utah during the winter and that doesn't even include people hiking. For me, I'm amazed at how confident I feel when wearing spikes. I don't think twice about hiking up or even running down a a snow-packed trail when I'm wearing Kahtoola Micro Spikes.

If you know of someone, especially an elderly person who shovels the snow or needs to go outside and get the mail, etc., tell them about spikes. They cost a lot less than a hip or knee replacement. They can also purchase a pair from me if they like.


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