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What's your Story: Angels Landing, why I love hiking it.

Updated: 7 days ago

This video may be uncomfortable for some to watch and possibly even terrifying but it's one of my favorite hikes. It wasn't always that way.

I'm sharing my story because it's an allegory for living our lives during the current coronavirus and a recent Salt Lake City earthquake.

It's an interesting insight to see how a particular hiking trail can be a nightmare to some and a fun challenge to others.

One trail that gets a lot of attention is the section of the West Rim known as Angel's Landing in Zion National Park. The last quarter of a mile is the section that makes it world famous.

In February 2003 after I started my hiking career, more hikers joined me. They started sharing their own hiking stories and ambitions regarding hikes. Angels Landing was a common topic.

I remember a hiking friend tell me how she hiked this trail and was so terrified that it was nearly paralyzing to her. She told me it was the worst hiking experience ever! After hearing her story I was scared and determined never to hike this trail and most certainly never take any hikers there!

Time went by and the conversation of hiking in Zion National Park kept coming up. One hiking friend told me he wanted to hike it with me and show me the very spot that scared him the most! Yeah, like I really want to hike Angel's Landing with him!

The time finally came when I did plan a trip to Zion NP and hikers chose to do this hike, including me. Most of this difficult hike is fine until you get to Scout Lookout.

This is where I think everyone needs to listen to their own voice inside of them and do what they personally feel is right for them. Have the courage to listen and obey ONLY what YOU feel is right for YOU and tell everyone else to back off!

This is what I did. I decided I would hike this last section only as far as I felt comfortable AND I only wanted to hike this section with my husband, Dave. He is a very quiet, calm man, which is one of the big reasons I love him so much.

I told myself I would slow down, and only do what I felt comfortable in my heart and mind. I would focus only on where I would place my feet next and hold on to the chain. I did all of this with exactness. For me to stay focused in this way was nothing short of a miracle since I always struggle to stay focused on anything. Dave was hiking hehind me and as usual very quiet which was awesome!

As a result I really loved that entire hike! I never lost focus and looked over the edge. Not even once. I chose to hike earlier in the morning when there were few people on the trail.

I share this story with you right now because I think it's a metaphor for how I feel, during the turbulent times we are going through - with the coronavirus and a major earthquake that hit just miles from our home two days ago here in Salt Lake City.

Knowing my story now you can now watch this video if you like. It's interesting to me that as I watch this video I didn't see ANY of this scenery that is so terrifying for people to watch. I didn't focus AT ALL on what was just a few feet to the left or right of me. I stayed focused on what I needed to do and nothing else which makes me very happy! This video looks kind of strange to me since I only remember the chains and where I placed my feet.

If I could influence anyone, it would be to help others stay focused on what is important and the good people in your life that are trying to help you calmly, quietly and happily navigate you through something that may be very difficult to do.

My desire is that I can be one of those calm, confident, happy, earthly angels in your life.