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Have a question? I may not have an answer for everything but let me know what's on your mind!

Text me your question on 1) my website 2) my cell 801-278-5313 3) my meetup site.

If it's appropriate I'll post it here along with my answer, anonymously if you prefer.


Q: What boots do you recommend wearing for snowshoeing or winter hiking?

A: I just wear my hiking shoes all winter but any boot that you feel comfortable walking in will work.

Q: Hi Sheryl! I’m really looking forward to snowshoeing on Saturday! May I rent snowshoes from you? Also, this will be my first time doing anything like this. Is the activity difficult? Is the trail difficult? Thank you!

A: Thank you for joining our group this Saturday! This snowshoeing outing will be EASY for beginner snowshoe people AND the trail is easy! There are harder options but I'll stay with those who want to easiest options so plan to stay with me and you'll be fine. If you can VENMO me $10 beforehand. My venmo is @sheryl-mcglochlin. If you don't use VENMO no worries. Just let me know.

Q: Do you think that hiking/snowshoeing at Guardsman Pass would be safe, given avalanche conditions? February 23, 2021

A: I would stay away from that whole area right now. During this season, especially during the month of February, a lot of places I would normally take people hiking in the winter I will not go there this winter. I won't even consider it because of the way the snow has been falling (since November) and the dangerous conditions it has created for this entire season. It's an unusual winter season for sure.

Q: Sheryl, I am very interested in your piano classes. Tell me, are you able to teach jazz piano? Because I am bored with my usual song choices and want to spice it up. You’re very affordable for me, too. Thank you. I can read music, by the way. Piano was my first instrument.

A: Thank you so much for your interest in taking online piano lessons from me! To make sure we are on the same page of what I enjoy teaching and what you are interested in learning, I'll include a list of types of songs you will be learning how to play. I think you'll be eager to join! I'll send this list soon.

Q: I would like to rent a pair of snowshoes for an upcoming Saturday hike. Do you accept cash or Venmo? (Or something else?).

A: So happy you are coming on Saturday. If you can pay in advance, that would be preferred. I use VENMO and my user name is: @sheryl-mcglochlin. Cash is also acceptable if you like. Thank you!

Q: I can’t figure out this messaging thing on Meetup. 😂 I was wondering about purchasing spikes from you for tomorrow’s hike. Do you still have an extra pair?

A: FYI: This answer keeps changing depending on the day AND what size you need. Always ask me though. I'm trying to keep a variety of sizes in stock.

Sheryl's question to a new hiker today:

Did you have a great time today with our group? I'm excited to have you join us as often as possible.

A: Thank you! Today was fantastic! It was lovely to get outside and meet with other people.

Q: A friend of mine and I are interested in your meetups and trips, starting with the one in Toquerville. We are wondering what age group you host, how hard are the hikes. We are beginner hikers and I have a heart condition that I’m trying to regulate. Anyway 2 old broads want to know.

A: I always get excited when I hear of anyone who is eager to get outside and play, regardless of their physical abilities! It's a very healthy thing to do! I think you will LOVE our trips. Age ranges vary - mostly those in their 40's to 60's but it's common to see someone younger or older attend. Mostly it's an attitude or a desire for an adventure trip rather than an actual age that we look for. A wide range of physical abilities and interests can easily be accommodated. Some may enjoy some easy walking, relaxing or easy hiking while others want to be challenged physically. We can make it all happen since we cater to those attending. The Toquerville Trip is attracting those who want lots of sunshine and warmth and no snow! Our local trips, in and around Utah, make it easy for you to drive on your own or carpool with a friend, which will give you lots of flexibility in the itinerary each day.

Q: Hello Sheryl, Are we meeting at the hike site? The Hike is 1 hour from the typical meeting site.

A: If you are closer to our regular meeting place at 6570 South Wasatch Blvd., meet us there at 8 AM, we'll leave that location at 8:15 AM and drive one hour to the hike today. If that location is out of the way, just meet us at the White Rock trailhead and be there by 9:20 AM.

Q: I am connected to Meetup and I am getting emails about events and classes you have but I am not paying monthly charges. Am I supposed to be paying to participate in these classes or outings?

A: Nearly all of my meetup outings and classes are FREE! No worries there. Join at any time. When there is a charge it will be posted in the Subject Line of the class or outing.

Q: Hi Sheryl. Can you please tell me a little more about this group? Is there a certain age range? I’m 53 looking to have some fun with like minded people. What kinds of things do you do and what is the difficulty level?

A: You will love our group! Mostly keep watching my meetup calendar and you'll see everything I have to offer. People with a wide variety of ages attend but generally those in their 40's - 60's with some older or younger than that. We mostly attract people who have a desire to be active outdoors. On my meetup site, and my website, you'll find hundreds of photos of activities we've been doing for 18 years. My website is a great place to learn more. This is my full-time business which started in February 2003. My online calendar on is changing almost daily. Join us as often as possible. Several people make our outings much shorter than may be posted online. You decide how difficult and how long you want this to last. Beginning to moderate abilities are offered the most. All of our local hiking outings start at 8 AM at our gathering place and will finish by 12 noon unless otherwise stated. Thanks again for joining us! Visit my blogs also!

A: Learn more about our group from these links also. Get acquainted with us:

BE PREPARED before you start hiking:

Q: Are you doing Lake Powell Trip this year?

A: Yes! It's listed on my website as Page Arizona Trip

Q: Hi I'm going to attend hiking tomorrow morning. This is my first time. Can I get your contact number if I need to contact. Mine is ........

A: My cell is 801-278-5313. Thank you for joining our group! You will need a pair of spikes. Cost is $50. They'll last you a long time.

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