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Class: Emergency Preparedness - Food Storage


Saturday, March 7 @ 5:00 - 6:30 pm

Come to a fun, entertaining, visual class on how to calmly prepare for an emergency. Emergency Preparedness is one of my favorite subjects to teach because it provides peace and power rather than panic and frustration.

I have taught many "Feed a Family" classes through Adult Community Education in 2 school districts on this very subject. Emergency Preparedness is very personal to me. During 40 years of marriage to my good husband, Dave, our family of six experienced four, unexpected financial layoffs. Even though Dave was a skilled, educated software engineer, we experienced some turbulent twists in life and had to make some changes. The first layoff was the most difficult because we weren't prepared. The next three were much easier because we made some serious lifestyle changes in case it happened again. I remember my Dad teaching me how to "Get back to the basics!" I'll share those tips as well. I can help you get prepared! Because of these life-changing experiences, I learned valuable skills and strategies that I am eager to share with you.

True story: A hiking friend of mine lived in Hawaii. A few years ago Oahu was hit with an intense storm. I clearly remember his Facebook post during this very stressful time. It read: "I can't believe it! This is scary in Honolulu. I went to the store to get some bottled water and there was none!" Bottom line: If you don't prepare in advance it will be very stressful during a crisis. Be smart and begin preparing now so when it hits you'll be ready. In this class I'll focus on: Food Storage and Essential Supplies

Learn about: -7 key foods that will sustain you in a short or long term emergency. -How to easily start stocking up on these items without spending a lot of money. -5 food goals to have in place before purchasing any type of food. -Eating and rotating what you buy so no money is wasted. -3 healthy, inexpensive meals that can easily be prepared in 6 minutes.

-How to make a simple delicious meal from your food storage. -What is essential and what is not, through a fun, entertaining food quiz. -How to get back to the basics -10 basic food items to stock up on -Types of lifestyle habits - which best describes you? -Networking with others who will give you ongoing support -Additional emergency preparedness resources, classes and events -How to assemble your own 72 hour kit.

Food Demonstration and light refreshments served.

Can't attend in person?

No problem. All materials will be sent to you!

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One of my favorite quotes:

"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear".