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In our lives there are things that drain or suck the energy and strength right out of us but there are also things that give us energy, vision, light and strength!

We all know what drains us so our time will be spent discussing things that give us the energy and vitality that we want in life REGARDLESS of what is happening in the world around us.

This has been a super fun class to teach and discuss since we are all students! Every class is different because of those who attend.

If you are lacking in enthusiasm, positive energy and excitement for life, this is the time to join us! Everyone can use more support and encouragement right now.

This is a one-hour class will be offered once a week. Pre-recorded webinars will be available online soon to view at your own convenience. Come as often as possible to learn from others and connect with others. Meet others who also want more out of life and want to be inspired by others. Each time you come there will be ongoing assignments to do. Those who want to get the most from this course will do the homework and reap the rewards!

Current Schedule: 8:30 - 9:30 AM, Every Sunday (this may be modified, if necessary)

The online weekly schedule is updated and posted on

Life is like a boomerang. Whatever you throw out will eventually come back and hit you in a very big way. Test it out and see for yourself. Each day throw out a lot of kindness and love to people and eventually see what happens. It won't necessarily happen instantly but it might. Speaking from personal experience over a lifetime, I've received much kindness, support and love from so many good, caring people especially during stressful times - when I went through my colon cancer surgery, during the death of my mother, a few difficult layoffs, etc. It's something I'll gladly be happy to experience each day for the rest of my life. To help repay all the kindness and mercy I've received I look for ways to help the wounded and the weary - which is really each of us in some degree. I am who I am because of the goodness of others. There are things in our lives that drain our energy and strength.

AND there are things in our lives that create and build our energy. We can help you identify what these are in your life and help you begin to make changes if you have the desire. It's very easy to get off balance and have nothing or very little that is building or creating energy or happiness in our lives.

It can become a major struggle to make it from one minute to the next. Can you relate to any of this? If so, join us in this ongoing free class. You'll learn something new each time you come that you can begin to apply in your life.

Receive the tools and the support you need to recharge your battery and get back to the productive and happy person you were meant to become! Every person has a daily challenge of keeping their life in balance. We'll show you how to make it much easier. This group will give you someone to be accountable to which also makes it easier. There are... 1) things we need to do each day (brush teeth, sleep, eat, shower, go to work, etc.) 2) things we do well (maybe a job, etc. but these are not our passions) 3) things we do with passion (things that make us come alive and get us excited about getting up each morning! Things that we look forward to. Things that give us energy, drive, enthusiasm, strength. These may be things we wish we could do but aren't doing yet.) Even if you have no clue on what these things may be, we can help! You have them but may not know what they are yet. A passion of mine was discovered when I was 47 years old - hiking. I hadn't been a hiker at all until I went through some very dark difficult times in my life which lead me to discovering this passion for hiking. Over time I found many others who shared this same passion with me and it has enriched my life tremendously! You don't even have to be good at something to have it be a passion! When you come to this interactive 1-hour class you will be given a few assignments and will be asked to send me your answers. It's not required but it will help a lot of other people if you do. You are not required to share your thoughts with anyone but if you are interested in helping others to find their passions while you are finding yours, this is one way to do it. Helping people learn more about you will in turn help others learn more about themselves. I can always post them anonymously as well. A few questions I'll ask you to think about: 1) Things you feel you are doing well in right now, your strengths, talents, abilities, passions, etc. 2) Things you are grateful for, whether big or very small 3) Things you are struggling with, lack ability in, etc. Things you are in need of or want, regardless of how big or small they are. What are your dreams, wishes, goals, etc. These 3 things will constantly be changing or be added to. Organize them into 3 lists. Many people keep these thoughts in their head and that's where they stay. We want to encourage you to take it a step further and write them down. Get them out of your head and organize them into 3 lists. The 3rd step is to share them with others. Not just anyone who will use them against you. When people who you trust know more about you they may be able to help but first you have to articulate as specifically as possible what it is that you are in need of. In the beginning, come and watch first rather than participate, if you prefer. However, if you want to experience the most personal growth and happiness in your life, you'll get in the game, become a participant, do the work to learn more about yourself, and discover ways to help other people. By helping others through life, you'll find the greatest satisfaction and happiness in your own life. It's all about using your passions and strengths to bless the lives of other people in very small simple ways. Welcome to our group and thank you for coming!


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