Greenhouse & Hydroponic Garden Equipment and Supplies for sale

Updated: Jul 21

1200 Square Foot High Tunnel Cold Frame Greenhouse (Gothic Style)

For sale: $4999

60 feet long, 12 feet tall, 20 feet wide

Gothic Style (not round)

Frames are made from 19-gauge, 1.05" OD USA made, triple-galvanized structural steel tubing, with 4' rafter spacing and one purlin.

Protection from wind, rain, disease and predators.

Includes drop down sidewalls and large roll-up front and back doors.

Mobile except for the 4 wood posts which have cement footings.

Cover is made of ClearSpan, an incredibly strong roof material.

I have 11 years experience with this greenhouse and offer a lot of tips, knowledge and advice if requested.

In 11 years I've only needed TWO roofs! ClearSpan has a 2 year warranty but it has lasted much longer than just 2 years for me.

After purchasing from me I'll share all of my valuable resources for supplies and equipment so you can enjoy many successful years in this business as well.

Ebb & Flo System - 4'W X 4'L

Ebb & Flo System - 4'W X 4'L

Ebb & Flo System - 4'W X 4'L


Ebb & Flo Systems let you grow big in a small space. These systems provide an effective and automated method to deliver optimal levels of water, nutrients and oxygen to your crops.

  • These systems increase growth rate, yield, nutritional value and flavor of your crops.

  • Utilizing the ebb and flow hydroponic method, these easy-to-use systems are perfect for propagating plants or nourishing and watering seedlings.

  • The system includes submersible pump, nutrient reservoir, grow tray, ebb and flo kit and 16-gauge, galvanized, square steel tubing frame with height adjustable feet for leveling.

  • Custom, poly-injection-formed replacement fittings are available, sold separately.

  • Trays and reservoirs are manufactured from durable ABS plastic with built-in UV inhibitors that minimize fading and yellowing from grow lights. Trays include drainage channels. Reservoirs feature porthole covers that make monitoring and refilling your nutrient solution easy.

  • Made in the USA.

California Residents:Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Toxicity -

HydroCycle 4" Pro NFT Lettuce Systems

HydroCycle 4" Pro NFT Lettuce Systems

$2500.00/each (2 of these are available for sale - 12' long x 12" wide each)

Start hydroponic growing the easy way with a HydroCycle 4" Pro NFT Lettuce System. All components are specially designed or selected to create an ideal, complete NFT system for leaf/bib lettuce, herbs and more. Perfect for hobby and commercial growers alike, these systems produce large yields of lush, healthy lettuce each year! Earn extra money growing high-quality lettuce and herbs in your home.

  • Designed for a six-week grow cycle of leaf lettuce. Produce maximum yields in a small system footprint.

  • HydroCycle 4" Pro NFT Lettuce System has twenty premium HydroCycle 4" Pro NFT channels. Channels measure 4"W x 1.5"D x 12'L.

  • Channel lids have eighteen 1" square holes, space 8" on center. Channels and lids are constructed from UV-stabilized, recycled plastics that are capped with NSF-certified material. Removable, snap-on lids provide easy system maintenance with minimal downtime.

  • Table frame is manufactured from 1.315" OD USA-made, triple-galvanized steel for long life in corrosive environments.

  • Systems come complete with nutrient reservoir tank, ActiveAqua Pump for nutrient solution recirculation, Air Pump with Air Stone and all the necessary plumbing, fittings, adapters and more.

  • HydroCycle 4" Pro NFT Lettuce System dimensions: 12'W x 12'L x 3'H.

  • Expect a yield of up to 4,680 heads per year with the HydroCycle 4" Pro NFT Lettuce System.

  • Recommended best accessories for your system are: 1) Growers Supply Greenhouse Light Fixtures 2) line of nutrients and Grodan A-OK Starter Plug Sheets, sold seperately.

  • Small system footprint makes it ideal for setup in garages, basements, hobby greenhouses and more!

California Residents: Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Toxicity -

HydroCycle Pro Vertical Microgreen System - 5'L


Provide your local market with fresh microgreens on a continuous basis. The HydroCycle Pro Vertical Microgreen System allows beginners or professionals to produce high yields of these in demand greens with ease.

  • HydroCycle Pro Vertical Microgreen Systems utilize a recirculating nutrient film technique (NFT). This allows growers to harvest living plants with roots intact, making it easier to supply customers with the freshest greens.

  • Systems are outfitted with 16 large 9" NFT channels.

  • Assembly and maintenance is simple. Compared to conventional growing, growers will experience reduced labor and waste, allowing harvests to be more profitable.

  • Achieve high yields within a limited square footage. Pea and sunflower shoots can yield up to 13 oz. per sq. ft. every 10 days, while mizuna, arugula, chard, beet and more can yield up to 6 oz. per sq. ft. every 14 days.

  • UV-stabilized, NSF-certified NFT channels.

  • Recommended media: BioStrate™ Microgreen Grow Roll (113887).

  • Recommended accessories: Heavy-Duty Digital Timer (112531), Botanicare® CNS17™ Grow 3-1-2 (112908) and Waterproof pH/EC/TDC/°C Meter for Growers (108251).

  • Accessories are all sold separately.

  • I'll explain all of these accessories to you.