Handyman & Fix It Help

Do you enjoy doing odd jobs and need extra income OR do you need an odd job done?

Many people in Utah are looking for help in a wide variety of odd jobs. I am searching for people who want to work and who aren't overwhelmed with work right now. Young or old, let me know about your interests and abilities!

I am doing this in addition to connecting outdoor adventure seekers to outings in paradise every week.

Since 2003, I've been developing my passion for connecting and organizing people in the outdoor adventure world.

Now I'm connecting people who need handy man jobs done with those who have the skills.

What specific type of work do you need help with? What skills, talents, abilities or qualifications do you have to help another person?

Here's a partial list:

If you have professional skills, certifications, or licenses let me know.

  1. Plumbing

  2. Heating & Cooling

  3. Electrical

  4. Framing

  5. Dry Wall

  6. Painting

  7. Demolition

  8. Tiling

  9. Cement Work

  10. Hauling

  11. Computer & Electronic Work

  12. Automotive

  13. Interior Design

  14. Pet Walker

  15. People Walker (walk with someone)

  16. Pet Sitting

  17. Cabinet Building

  18. House Cleaning

  19. Manual Labor

  20. Cleaning and Organizing Rooms

  21. Moving

  22. Yard Work

  23. Landscape

  24. Chain Saw work

  25. Listing items for sale online

  26. Hanging Christmas Lights

  27. Videographer

  28. Shopper

  29. Errand Runner

  30. Vacation or Trip Planner/Guide

  31. Tutor (for what)

  32. Babysitter

  33. Cook

  34. Snow Removal

  35. Hair Dresser/Stylist

  36. Offsite Team Builder

Anything else not listed here?

TEXT or EMAIL me your info ASAP.

TEXT: 801-278-5313

EMAIL: sheryl@liveandthrive.com


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