Hiking during the Pandemic

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

lst - we are all outside so we ask everyone to be aware of their own spacing from each people which is very easy to do if you are observant.

2nd - People may or may not be wearing a mask while I give final instructions but it's easy to stand further away from others during this time.

3rd - Hikers drive on their own to the trailhead. A few may carpool but the bulk of the hikers prefer to drive on their own.

4th - Some hikers text me in advance and let me know they'll meet us at the trailhead.

5th - As always, turn around at any point or even hang back much further on the trail so you can stay in control of how much spacing there is between you and the hiking group.

6th - I completely understand if you prefer to wait and hike with us in 3 - 6 months even.

7th - Everyone knows their own needs and health issues and we respect those desires.

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