How my Hiking Career Began

SPOILER ALERT: Jump ahead 18 years to 2021. I'm now 66 years old and feeling stronger than ever! With 17,000+ Outdoor Adventure friends later life is good! Over the years I've taken outdoor adventure enthusiasts hiking, kayaking, exploring, stand up paddling, snowshoeing, skiing, camping, etc. to Switzerland, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Hawaii, the Caribbean Islands, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Florida, Pennsylvania, and New York.

I didn't just wake up one morning and decide to start a hiking group. Watch this video and see how adversity and hardship actually became a great blessing in my life.

In February 2003 my hiking group was born. 

I was 47 years old when I decided I wanted to be a hiking guide, even though I wasn't familiar with any trails in the Wasatch Mountains and I was in fair physical condition but clearly not a hiker.

That didn’t stop me.  I found one person then another who would hike with me. I was very slow and had to stop and catch my breath often. 

I wasn’t good at anything that had to do with hiking. I didn't know where the hiking trails were except one. But I had passion, tenacity and determination!  I believed I could get better at hiking so I stuck with it week after week. One by one more people started joining me and my hiking group began to grow.  So did my ability to hike. I discovered more trails. I developed what I call my “hiking legs”. I never imagined it would lead to a full time hiking and outdoor adventure career.

I just looked ahead one week at a time and kept on hiking. 

Hiking is not really the hard part.  Showing up is the hardest part. Once you show up, everything else is a piece of cake because in our adventure group you have lots of choices - you can hike slow, hike fast, hike for a few minutes or hike for a few hours.  Once you start meeting new people and making friends it becomes very fun and easy to hike! Before you know it you have hiked 5 miles.

It’s really all about a strong support team and the social and emotional needs that are being met. The physical needs are taken care of automatically.

This is the same formula we have developed for every outdoor adventure we offer, no matter what sport, activity or outing it is!

You will meet some of the most incredible people ever! We attract so many kind, caring, friendly outdoor adventure enthusiasts who have a positive energy about them. 

Come and see for yourself and join us often.

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