Iceland Adventure Trip - September 20 - 30, 2021

Updated: Feb 9

LLLI = Live Like a Local in Iceland for a week!

There is an energy in Iceland that is like no other place I've been. The earth is alive in Iceland and you can feel the energy in the air. This small country of 300,000 people is rich in geothermal energy and is surrounded by the Northern Atlantic Ocean. It is also home to the largest National Park in Europe!

Most of our time is spent in the country, in the southern region, far from the city of Reykjavik. 70% of the population in Iceland lives in the capital city. I prefer the many small towns, each with their own geothermal pools and unique waterfalls close by.

Daily activities include relaxing outdoors in clean geothermal pools after hiking and exploring in and around the many incredible waterfalls and glaciers. Also plenty of sight seeing, eating gelato, learning the unique history of Iceland, searching for northern lights, watching sunsets, nature photography, bird watching, cooking fresh salmon on a grill, eating delicious Icelandic pastries, etc.

All of our adventure trips are created for beginning and intermediate hiking abilities. Generally 1 - 8 miles of walking and/or hiking each day. YOU decide how much. We call this CHALLENGE BY CHOICE.

There are always options!


Sunday, September 19: Leave home

Monday, September 20: Meet me in Keflavik international Airport (generally before 8 am)

Tuesday, September 21: Drive to Skogar

Wednesday, September 22: Skogar area

Thursday, September 23: Skogar area

Friday, September 24: Skogar area

Saturday, September 25: Drive to Hella

Sunday, September 26: Hella

Monday, September 27: Hella

Tuesday, September 28: Drive to Keflavik, fly out 4 PM or the following Day (Wednesday, September 29).

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