Italy Adventure Trip - September 2021

Updated: Feb 9

LLL = Live Like a Local in Italy (for a week)

Join us for an unforgettable adventure trip to Italy in the Italian Riviera region near the Ligurian Sea, specifically in a beautiful, small village on the coast called Levanto. This piece of paradise is our home base for a week where you will be less than a 5 minute walk to the beach. We've stayed here several times and have made lifetime friends who are always so kind and generous.

We spend our time away from big tourist attractions where crowds are found. We prefer small, quiet sea-side villages where the locals are found.

In 2016 we fell in love with the Italian people especially in this region. The warm hospitality and stunning beauty of all the surrounding coastal towns is amazing!

Come and experience the rich, breath-taking beauty of several small communities along the coast. You will not be disappointed! All of our adventure trips offer what we call Challenge by Choice, which means you may participate in our activities as much as you like.

Each Italian trip offers opportunities for hiking, bike riding, exploring, early morning sunrise walks in and around the quiet town and along the beach, shopping, eating, relaxing, nature photography, boat rides and more!

All adventure trips are created for beginning and intermediate abilities.

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