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Sunday August 9th. It's been an incredible summer on the water so far!! We have only 6 weeks left. Please join us before the season is over.

Kayaking and stand up paddling continues 3 days each week, weather pending. So far the weather has been consistently fantastic.


RSVP for the upcoming week, if possible.

3 options to choose from.

Text me which one(s) you plan to attend.

#1, #2, or #3 OR any combination.

I'll confirm back with a text.

The season ends September 19.


Monday: Option #1

Wednesday: Option #2

Same time for both days

8 am: Gather at 3900 South Wasatch Blvd UTA Park n Ride

8:15 am: Leave promptly from 3900 south Park n Ride for the lake OR

9 AM: Arrive at the lake at our regular parking lot area or find us in the dry boat storage. Keep everything in the car for now. First come help us get all the watercraft to the water.

10 AM or sooner: Watercraft is now on the water. Spend 90 minutes paddling on our favorite route. Enjoy a shorter version of this route if you like.

11:30 AM: Help us take watercraft back to dry storage. Bring a lunch or snacks and 2 liters of water for yourself.

12:30 PM or sooner: depart


#3 option

Saturday afternoon & evening:

3:45 PM: Some may gather at 3900 South Wasatch Blvd UTA Park n Ride.

4 PM: Promptly leave for the lake OR skip the park n ride and drive directly to the lake.

4:45 PM: Arrive at the lake. Look for me in the parking lot or dry storage area.

Help us get all watercraft to the water.

Leave everything in your car.

We meet together NEAR the dry storage gate.

Look to see if I am inside the storage area at our kayak trailer.

Do not enter the dry storage boat area if I'm not there.

No one is authorized to be loading or unloading our watercraft without me.

Those who help us will get watercraft. We don't take watercraft to the beach for those who "may" come later.

Even if you RSVP'd in advance unless you are there in person helping us we don't bring extra watercraft down to the beach.

5:45 PM: Once everyone is on the water, I'll lead a group out of the bay for approx. 1 hour, which is what we also do on Monday and Wednesday (pending the weather). Some may choose to stay in the bay. We stay together for safety reasons.

7:15 PM: Stay and help us put all watercraft away

8 PM: Drive home

These times are approx. and may be shortened as the days become shorter and weather conditions dictate. I'll adjust this schedule as needed.

‐--------------------- Come early on your own OR stay later at the lake if you like.

Swim, relax, eat, etc.


When you are on the water, you agree to stay with our group and wear a life jacket that is actually fastened.

Outings may be canceled or shortened due to weather and/or lake conditions.

You may choose to be on the water a shorter amount of time. If that is the case, enjoy delicious food, friends, relaxing, mingling, nature photography, etc.

ENTRANCE Fee Warning:

On weekends, entrance cost is $30/day IF you don't have an Annual State Park Pass. Save a ton of money by purchasing an Annual Pass when you arrive. $70/age 62 and under; $35/age 62 and over

Life jackets are required when you are on a kayak or SUP. Thank you in advance for wearing one. Bring your own or rent from me for $20/outing, contact in advance if you need one.

Text me anytime at 801.278.5313 if you have a question.


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