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Kayak & Stand Up Paddle Meeting - Free!

Updated: 7 days ago

Join us for our Annual Kayak and Stand Up Paddle Meeting Monday, March 23, 2020

6:00 - 7:30 PM

Sheryl's Home

2836 E Casto Ln, Holladay, UT

What: This is a private Kayak and Stand Up Paddle Group

When: It runs for approximately 4 - 5 months, May 1 - September 30. May is unpredictable because we can't take our watercraft to the water until the winter gate opens which can be as late as Memorial Day.

More info coming soon.





As part of our group you'll be using our 14 kayaks ranging from 8' to 14', single and 2-person kayaks and 5 stand up paddle boards from May through September. This meeting is a pre-requisite to help you prepare for our outings on the water. This meeting is NOT on the water. This is held in my backyard. Those interested in participating with us this summer will be required to attend this meeting OR contact me via text 801-278-5313. All kayak and stand up paddle outings this summer are posted privately via text message only. At this meeting you'll learn the details on kayaking and stand up paddling with us all summer long! If you are new, we'll help you get acclimated to these sports and especially to my watercraft. At this meeting you'll get acquainted with skills that can be practiced now rather than waiting until we are on the water.

We'll demonstration how to... Get in a kayak Get out of a kayak Sit down Lift and carry a kayak Paddle forward Paddle backward Turn right Turn left Go fast Stop Kayak with another person in your kayak

Learn more about... What to wear Water safety What to bring Weather conditions The required buddy system Where we kayak Basic do's and don'ts PFD - required (personal floatation device - life jacket) Carpooling - helping you save money Required fees Cleaning a kayak or stand up board

Getting kayaks out of dry storage at the lake Putting everything back Keeping track of accessories and paddles on the lake Types of kayaks we use - sit on top, sit in, flat water

NOTE: Once the summer comes and we're on the water, there is a fee to join us.