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SUP = Stand Up Paddle

Be in the Loop! Receive invites to all upcoming Kayaking and SUP Adventure Trips by texting me the word "KAYAK". (801-278-5313)

Our Summer Kayak & SUP Group is a private group. The schedule is not posted publicly. Members receive text message reminders for upcoming outings. An RSVP via text is required for each outing. To join the group, contact me at 801-278-5313.

Venmo name: @sheryl-mcglochlin

Who should join?


1) with a happy, helpful attitude

2) who are team players and are willing to help in a variety of ways

3) who want to improve kayak or SUP skills

4) who are observant in and around the water

5) willing to stay with the group

6) care about each other

7) respect the water and weather (keep an eye to the sky, look out for each other and our equipment/gear.)

Beginner and Intermediate kayak abilities

No prior knowledge, skills, experience

Instruction provided if needed.

Must pass off basic kayaking skills IF you are new to our group.

Safety in and out of the water is always #1 priority.

Weather conditions can change quickly in the mountains. Some outings may be cancelled or cut short due to weather/water conditions.

Flat Water vrs White Water -

We are a low-risk, flat-water group.

Flat-water conditions are calmer with minimal wind.

White-water is created from wind. You'll see white caps on the water. If white caps start to appear, get off the water quickly. Our outing is over until the weather calms down. All watercraft must come out of the water.

All outings are located in a beautiful, alpine reservoir, approximately a 30-minute drive east of the Salt Lake valley (starting at the mouth of Parleys Canyon. I-80 East). Members receive the exact location which stays the same throughout the summer.

Season: June 1 through August 24, 2021

Outings held 3 times/week

Monday and Wednesday (9 - 12 Noon) Saturday 4:30 - 7:30 PM (approx. time, depending on sunset).

NO outings held July 4 and July 25 due to holidays.

FYI: 24th of July is a big Utah holiday weekend.

During the summer watercraft is stored in a secure dry storage area approximately 300 feet from the water.

I attend each outing. If I can't attend, one of my trusted assistants will be there.

All of our watercraft is used solely for these summer outings and our adventure trips.

Basic Itinerary for each outing: Arrive at a specific time (9 am for example), work together as a team to get equipment/gear to the water for only those who are present, kayak/SUP for 90 minutes pending weather conditions, carry equipment/gear back to dry storage area. Secure everything. Depart.

If you CARPOOL: Best carpool location (for those who choose to arrange their own carpools): 3900 South Wasatch Blvd, UTA Park n Ride

Those with similar kayak/SUP abilities naturally stay together but we keep an eye on everyone. No one kayaks alone.

Buddy System - always kayak or paddle with at least one other person.

We stay close to the shoreline, away from motor boats, jet skis, wave runners, etc.

Wearing a coastguard approved life jacket is required at all times when you are on the water. You are required to buy your own and bring it each time.

Contact Sheryl for Membership Cost.

2 Prices: Regular membership. If you bring your own watercraft each time you'll receive a reduced price.

No storage available for those who bring their own watercraft. Pack it in, pack it out for each outing. Even if you bring your own equipment/gear, you are expected to abide by the rules of our group.

Membership includes approximately 25+ outings, the use of my 20 watercraft: 15 kayaks ranging from 8 - 14 feet, 5 stand up paddle boards (which can also be used as a kayak) (10 - 11 feet in length). Test out a variety of watercraft all summer, 1 or 2 person kayaks, sit in, sit on top, flat water, river kayaks, ocean brand kayaks, Vietnamese kayaks known as corcls, etc.

For upcoming outings during the next 7 days, please text me at least 12 hours prior to departure.

Challenge by Choice - YOU choose. Options available for easy and moderate - which generally means shorter or longer time on the water.

Two in-person meetings to attend if you like,, PRIOR to our first outing on the water in June.

Held in my backyard in Holladay. Practice basic skills on the grass. Get familiar with my equipment and gear.

Kayak skills to learn and pass off:

Get in/out, sit, lift/carry a kayak, paddle forward/backward, turn right/left, stop.

Stand Up Paddle skills to learn and pass off (if you choose to SUP):

Get on/off, sit/knee/stand/lay down on belly/back, lift/carry an SUP, paddle forward/backward, turn right/left, stop, Optional skills: plank, yoga, stretch, weight lift, balance, etc.

Enjoy paradise with friends - on and off of the water! Always bring a little picnic to enhance your experience

Detailed list of what to bring : see my Blog, What to bring

Companionship: Make friends easily all summer!! You might find a friend to talk to while paddling or riding up and down the mountain. Before you know it, the outing is over! Time flies when you are around kind, caring people!

Some of us treat these summer outings like a summer long training opportunity. Think of a hike but on water. During each outing we like to paddle a little further than the time before. By the end of the summer some of us paddle around the entire reservoir. Track your progress on Strava. Strava app is a great exercise journal.

Upcoming Adventure Trips that include kayaking are: 1) Page, AZ Lake Powell 2) Twin Falls, Idaho (Snake River) 3) Black Canyon near Las Vegas NV (Colorado River) 4) Kauai, Hawaii (Hanalei and Waimea River

Payments: VENMO: @sheryl-mcglochlin, cash, check, Zelle through your bank

If an outing is cut short options include: picnic, mingle w/ friends, relax, nature photography, decompress, write in a journal, read, sleep, soak in a gorgeous outdoor setting, etc. PARK ENTRANCE Fees:

Purchase an Annual Utah State Park Pass (if you haven't already) or pay $15 - $30/ EACH time you attend. Obtain an Annual Pass at the State Park Fee Station of your first outing if you don't buy one before. This annual pass is good for ALL Utah State Parks for 12 months. COST: $100/person OR $50/65 and older. It can travel with you in any vehicle.

Questions? Text me: 801.278.5313


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