Kayak/SUP Training Skill Score Card

Updated: Jun 26

This summer our big desire for those in our Kayak/SUP group is to help you

1) improve kayak and/or SUP skills in and out of the water

2) strengthen your body, mind, spirit

3) make a lot of new life-long friends

In order to accomplish this, we have developed a SCORE CARD that will track and measure your progress during the summer. It includes a list of skills we'll help you complete during a 4 month period of time.

You are mostly competing against yourself.

The more you attend, the more you learn and practice these skills, and the more confidence you receive!

Kayak skills:

  • Get in or on a variety of kayaks (you choose how many) by yourself

  • Get out of or off of a variety of kayaks by yourself

  • NOTE: don't drag kayaks over pebbles or rocks when getting in or out of the water. It may require 2 people to put a kayak/SUP in/out of the water

  • Find/pick up balls floating in the water (I'll throw them in the water at some point)

  • Find/pick up 2 giant frisbees floating in the water (I'll throw these in as well)

  • Laps (out and back) to a designated point

  • Increase your laps as you are able

  • Baby steps: consistently become a little faster, stronger, more efficient and effective than the week before

  • Turn right, left, stop, go

  • Kayak through 1 hoop, then 2 hoops

  • Carry 2 kayaks with one other person

  • Carry 1 kayak with one other person

  • Assist in loading/unloading kayaks from dry storage

  • Become familiar with and help with each step (set up AND take down) in Dry Boat Storage

  • Know the different paddles: canoe, stand up, kayak

  • Race against others as a 1 or 2 person kayak team

  • Thread and unthread the cable (know where to store it)

  • Tandom Kayak - 2-person (in Big Yellow or Big Red)

  • Big Red will accommodate a small person in front and a larger adult in back

  • Tow a corcl

  • Tow a corcl with a person inside

  • Attach a corcl to a kayak or SUP


Corcls (round vietnamese kayaks) use kayak paddles

"See through" kayak uses a kayak paddle AND a cloth seat

Ocean Kayaks use cloth seats as well

Know which kayaks are 2-person kayaks

Stand up paddle skills:

Learn and practice the above kayak skills in addition to these:

  • Lay on your stomach (optional)

  • Lay on your back (optional)

  • Sit

  • Stand

  • Kneel

  • Downward Dog yoga (optional)

  • Plank (optional)

  • Balance on your bottom (optional)

  • Scizzors (optional)

  • Sit ups(optional)

  • 5 more creative moves you happen to discover (optional)

Give everyone a chance to learn and practice these skills.

Give everyone encouragement, support and a happy countenance.

Learn at least one new person's name and something about them, take the time to get better acquainted with all of these amazing people!!

MOST popular food to bring to our potluck picnic: FRUIT!!!!

Know the difference

1 person kayak

2 person kayak


See thru kayak

Sit in kayak

Sit on top kayak

River kayak

Pink leppard SUP


ASK for HELP if you need it, BEFORE you really need it.

Look out for others in our group

Look for life jackets, paddles, water bottles, etc. we accidentally leave behind


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