Kayaking & SUP - Important Reminders!

Thank you so much for joining us this season! If we work together and be observant this will be another great year of water sports!

Read over each of these items. It will save a lot of time when we're at the lake.

If I do need to correct you on something, just know it's out of love. I'm not into micro-managing anyone.

About the State Park fees:

The park fees have definitely gone WAY up this year!

This is how everyone can save a lot of money.


Weekday fee/vehicle: $15

Weekend fee/vehicle: $30

Annual State Park Pass: $75/person (younger than 62)

Annual State Park Pass: $35/person (62 and older)

This annual pass can go in another car as long as the owner of the pass is in that car.

If you are willing to take passengers in your vehicle, buy the Annual State Park Pass.

IF you want to carpool with someone, plan to pay $5/outing to help pay for their pass and the wear/tear on their vehicle.

We'll always meet at the 3900 South Wasatch Blvd UTA Park n Ride each time. You can leave your car there. You can see who is willing to take passengers.

Once you come on a few outings you can establish a regular ride or carpool each time.

Another option: I'll show you where you can leave your car outside the state park and catch a ride for the final mile before entering the park.

NOTE: If you are using someone else's pass even for the last mile, give them some money and help them pay for that $75 pass!

Don't feed any animals or critters especially near our picnic area

Treat each of these outings as a fun, team building activity because that's exactly what they are, a TEAM activity.

Be observant whether in or out of the water, make sure everyone feels needed, safe and included

There are modern bathrooms nearby since this is a State Park

If you don't have a life jacket yet, let me know ASAP, since we generally don't bring any extra and you can't go boating without one.

Before heading home, drive around the campground area and get better acquainted with this beautiful state park! It has some unique sleeping arrangements that other state parks don't offer i.e. covered wagons and yurts!

During the month of June, I am especially looking for people who I can trust in leadership responsibilities. Some of these leadership talents have little or nothing to do with kayak or SUP abilities.

Everyone has a powerful influence on others whether they want to believe it or not.

I am very conservative, especially when it comes to water-related sports in the mountains. I am not willing to take a risk with mountain weather and deep waters. I like my 100% safety record and plan to keep it that way!

Our safety record has a lot to do with common sense and not waiting to be told what to do.

If you ever feel uncomfortable with anything while on the water, please speak up and tell me or someone nearby so we can help you change something immediately.

If anyone sees ONE lightening bolt in the distance, please help us get everyone off the water immediately.

This is not a large swimming pool. There are no life guards on duty.

Life jackets must be worn at all times while on the water.

This is a deep, large body of water in the mountains.

It is also surrounded by mountains so you can't always see a storm coming until it is nearby.

For several years we have been very safe and have had a lot of fun as we work together, stay together, play together.

Especially during the month of June, when the water is still cold, we'll stay in the bay area where I can see everyone. We'll do some fun drills to test your abilities before anyone leaves the bay and travels further.

Develop a habit of keeping an eye to the sky.

Train yourself to be observant at all times to a variety of weather and water conditions: 1) Is the water choppy or smooth? 2) Is it getting choppier or smoother? 3) Are the skies clear or cloudy? 4) Are the skies changing, getting grey, getting darker? 4) Are there any clouds in the sky? 5) How many boats are on the water? A lot? or very few? 6) Any wave runners or jet skis on the water? 7) Where are the buoys? These are things you should notice.

We have a very specific area where we kayak and SUP - it is away from motor boats, sail boats, jet skis, wave runners, etc. By staying together we look larger and are easily seen.

Utah storms may come quickly but they often pass quickly. Get out of the water then when it's clear we'll go back out on the water.

Be very ALERT to your surroundings!

When you are near the Boat Dock ALWAYS pay attention to boats coming in or going out into the water. Also trucks, trailers, wave runners and jet skis - stay out of their way. I'll show you how we easily do this. If you see someone in our group standing somewhere they shouldn't be, get them out of harms way. This is not a time for conversations with friends. You'll have that opportunity when we get away from the Boat Dock.

The state park is not part of our group. They don't know us. If you need something or have a problem, please talk to me first.

If we do need to bring the kayaks in for a short time due to weather, we'll enjoy our potluck picnic or play games on the lawn.

It takes more time than you think to get everyone off the water and onto our little beach near our picnic area. Start doing that immediately and be helpful to others as they are trying to get their watercraft out.

If you are using a stand up paddle board, always be aware of the fin when you put in and take out of the water. Once out of the water it should be stored upside down, with the fin up.

Once you are out of the water for a break, take your paddle and life jacket with you to the picnic area. These can easily be stolen. Our picnic area is generally less than a few hundred feet away.

I may blow a whistle to tell you if you need to get out of the water. We are experimenting with this so it may or may not work.

If this is your first time with us kayaking/SUP, plan to follow me to the lake so you know exactly where to park and where to find us. I'll be turning at the junction of SR 66 and SR 65. This takes you to the main entrance of the park. Once we are parked you'll receive a quick layout of the park and what to do next. Learn this info since you may be training other new people.

Once we arrive, you'll be given an assignment. You'll also be asked if you want to kayak or SUP or either. Once we're in the water, we'll get everyone to a specific area in the bay, which is our home base. At that point if you need to use the bathroom or you want to take a break, you can. Everyone will be in the water nearby and the dry boat storage area is locked until we put it all back a few hours later.

Bottom line: Please come and get an assignment as soon as you park your car.

Those who have their own watercraft will focus on getting their own watercraft in the water. and wait for us in the bay. They don't need to help us in the dry storage area.

Once you see me drive up, be dressed in your kayak/SUP clothes and have your life jacket with you, ready to help get the watercraft in the water.

If someone is not using their watercraft, ask if you can swap. I'm hoping you will get better acquainted with ALL of my watercraft.

Use the buddy system. Stay with the group or at least a few other people and stay in the designated area until further notice.

All of my watercraft will be locked up and put away before I leave the park. I need your help to do that so don't leave.

For each outing, you'll be given a specific time when you need to be back to our home base area by the beach and help us start putting all watercraft away.


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