Morning Hikes Accomplish Several Purposes

Our 3-hour hikes held 3 mornings each week accomplish several important purposes:

1) TEST: This is an opportunity to get to know 1) each hiker better 2) who will follow directions 3) who I can trust to help me on more difficult hikes. This is especially critical for Winter Hiking.

2) ACCLIMATE: For new hikers, the hikes are a way to become more acclimated to the mountain with compassionate hikers. There are always options for shorter, slower hikes. If this is your concern, let me know in advance and I'll make sure I pair you with other hikers who are happy to hike with you!

3) VARIETY: Our hikes are one of the BEST ways to be introduced to hundreds of trails in the Wasatch Mountains AND many hidden trails or areas that are not found on popular hiking apps or hiking books. Due to our 17 years of experience we've discovered many trails that may start with a familiar trail but are hidden gems that not a lot of people know about. I love taking hikers to places like this.


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